The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 9.1224  Wednesday, 2 December 1998.

From:           Chantal Schutz <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Tuesday, 01 Dec 1998 22:40:00 -0500
Subject:        Plagiarism

I do not intend to rekindle the debate on plagiarism that has already
occupied too many of us on this list. But I would like to bring to your
attention a site that I was told about by its author, who wishes me to
add it to the Links page of the Globe website. Needless to say, I will

This was the email:

> I want to suggest you to add a new site to your
>educational links. It's called "Database Of Essays On Shakespeare". There have
>been already 10000 visitors there since September, 7.
>This site is dedicated to writing and exchanging essays on Shakespeare.
>It's address is http://www.geocities.com/Broadway/Balcony/9881/index.html

And this is the text of the page in question:

This site is a collection of 500 essays on Shakespeare, and the amount
of them is growing! You can order any essay on Shakespeare if there is
no such essay in the catalog. The essays which are in the catalog were
ordered by some of our customers before or sold to us, that's why their
price is only $2 per page.  Though these essays were used by other
customers too, they have never been published, so if you buy an essay
for a college or high school assignment, there is no way to find out
that it was written by somebody else, not you.

To buy an essay from the catalog, go to it, choose an essay or two and
send us its code number by E-Mail. Please put the code number into
subject line, that will allow you to receive the essay by E-Mail through
our automatic reply system in several minutes, otherwise please let us
some time to process your request.  We don't guarantee that you will
receive the essay in several minutes, because some servers delay
delivering messages, but you will for sure get it in 10 hours after you
sent the request. We will also enclose an attachment of the essay as a
Word document and as a text file. You can transfer these files to any
text editor you are using.

You will have to pay only after receiving the paper by sending a money
order, check or cash to the address, which we will provide with the

If you can't find the topic you are looking for in the catalog, you can
bye two or more essays for the price of $1.50 US for each page and edit
them to get the paper you want. Or you can order to write an essay just
for you for $6 per page. You will receive it by E-Mail, but please allow
us 3 days to write it.

All the best

Chantal Miller Sch 

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