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From:           Richard A Burt <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Sunday, 22 Nov 1998 20:44:25 -0500 (EST)
Subject:        I Love Lucy R and J

Here are the full bibliographical details of the episode "Lucy Meets
Orson Welles (org. airdate, Oct. 15, 1956) and two conflicting accounts
of it.

1.  Bart Andrews, _The "I Love Lucy" Book_ (NY: Doubleday, 1976), p.

The next episode featured the multi-faceted Orson Welles, who received a
record amount for his guest run:  fifteen thousand dollars.  two months
earlier, in April, Welles and Arnaz had teamed up to produce a none-hour
television series, in which the Academy Award-winner would also star.
This arrangement never resulted in a series, but Welles did manage to
complete a half-hour pilot titled "The Fountain of youth" that is still
shown at film festivals.  The Welles "Lucy" show also featured "The
Waltons'" Ellen Corby as Lucy Ricardo's high school drama teacher.  The
show originally contained scenes of Vivian Vance playing Cleopatra to
Welles's Julius Caesar, and Lucy sparring with the Shakespearean master
as Juliet and Lady Macbeth, but for some unknown reason these sequences
did not make their way into the final print of "Lucy Meets Orson Welles"
that was shot the evening of June 14, 1956.

2. Michael McClay, _I Love Lucy_ (NY: Time Warner, 1995), p .291:

 Episode 155
(Oct. 15, 1956)  Lucy Meets Orson Welles.  When Lucy learns that Orson
Welles is doing a benefit show at Ricky's club, she desperately wants
into the act as Juliet to Welles's Romeo, but Welles isn't doing
Shakespeare. Instead, he uses Lucy as his "levitating " assistant in a
magic act.

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