The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 9.0965  Thursday, 8 October 1998.

From:           Francois Laroque <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Wednesday, 07 Oct 1998 22:52:34 +0100
Subject:        Queries

Although I have contributed rather little to SHAKESPER so far, I read
all the messages attentively and I generally learn a great deal from
them. Sometimes I print out some of them for students of mine
particularly interested in the modern or postmodern rewriting of
Shakespeare's plays.

Today, I have two rather specific queries for the list in order to try
and help two students of mine. One is anxious to know whether there are
identifiable signs of a Shakespearian influence on the novels of Irish
Murdoch (particularly *The Sea, the Sea*) and whether she or any critic
or scholar has already written about them from that particular angle.

The second question is more practical and concerns Tom Stoppard. Does
anyone know if and where he may be reached for an interview on two of
his recent plays, *Arcadia* and *The Invention of Love*? The first was a
great hit in Paris (Theatre du Vieux Colombiers) and is about to be
revived at the Comedie Francaise.

I have a third question, a more personal one this time, concerning Ilia
Gililov's recent book (Moscow Art, 1997), *The William Shakespeare
Game*, apparently a great hit in Russia at the moment (going through its
third reprinting apparently)? From what I have been told, this is
another "new" biographical interpretation with an interesting decoding
of "The Phoenix and the Turtle" attached to it. Has anyone heard about
it or read it (is there a translation in English ?) If so, what are the
reactions ?

Thanks for your help and suggestions on all this (I realize this is a
lot of questions at the same time ! ...)

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