The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 9.1053  Wednesday, 28 October 1998.

From:           Eduardo del Rio <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Monday, 26 Oct 1998 12:41:13 -0600
Subject:        Lear

I am involved in a discussion regarding Lear and would like some help.
Specifically, I am interested in determining what Lear "gives up" in
1.1.  It seems clear that he gives up his land (1.1.31-32), but then in
1.1.43-44 there is: "...we will divest us, both of rule,/Interest of
territory, cares of state,--" Is this a contradiction to the later
1.1.131-32: "Only we still retain/The name, and all the additions to a
king;"?  Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Let me make my question/position a bit more clear. I realize that there
is a "literal" difference between abdicating title and responsibility
within the fiction of the play. That is, of course, part of the message;
that title and responsibility are inseparable. I guess what is not clear
is how, even within the  fiction of the play, this is something other
characters would allow/believe/accept.


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