The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 10.0196  Friday, 5 February 1999.

From:           Ali Ahmad Al-Ghamdi <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Thursday, 04 Feb 1999 22:28:26 +0300
Subject:        The Holy Qura'n & The Bible

Dear Colleagues,

I find the following quotation from Richard II: "It is as hard to come
as for a camel / To thread the postern of a small needle's eye. (V.v.
ll.  16-17)," which the Bard had taken from Matthew 19:14, 24,
synonymous to the following quotation from The Holy Qur'an: "To those
who reject / Our signs and treat them / With arrogance, no opening /
Will there be of the gates / Of heaven, nor will they / Enter the
Garden, until / The camel can pass / Through the eye of the needle: /
Such is Our reward / For those in sin.  (trans. A. Yusuf Ali, 1975, PP.
350-51)" indicating that both The Holy Qur'an and the Bible must have
come from one source-Allah.

Ali A. Al-Ghamdi

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