The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 10.0391  Friday, 5 March 1999.

From:           Ray Lischner <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Friday, 05 Mar 1999 19:43:51 GMT
Subject:        Maps of Shakespeare's Plays

Some time ago, I asked about maps that depict the settings for
Shakespeare's plays. I never found a single map that showed all the
locations for his play settings. Of course, some of those settings are
not real locations, and of course he chose settings for reasons other
than geography. Nonetheless, I think it's helpful, especially for the
newcomer to Shakespeare, to see Bohemia on a map, and therefore see that
it has no coastline. Because I couldn't find such a map, I made one (or
rather two: one for Great Britain and another for everywhere else).

Visit http://www.bardware.com/bardware/facts.html to see the current
state of the maps. I don't have all the settings because I'm not a good
enough artist or cartographer to fit everything onto a map and still
have map look good. But I tried to fit as much as I could of what I
think is important. I am always open to constructive criticism for
improving the maps.

Ray Lischner  (http://www.bardware.com)
co-author (with John Doyle) of Shakespeare for Dummies

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