The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 10.0459  Monday, 15 March 1999.

From:           M. Morford <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Sun, 14 Mar 1999 07:55:39 +0800
Subject:        Books, Videos, and DVDs

Dear SHAKSPER co-conspirators;

Since I last wrote to you, I have moved to Beijing, China (which, among
other things, has yet to encounter "Shakespeare in Love") where I am
teaching English and related subjects. The English language library,
though dusty and pathetic by US standards does have a remarkable
collection of Shakespeare's plays (all in paperback) but, besides this,
my personal library is by far more vast and comprehensive (though I must
admit that the university's collection of the writings of Lenin and Kim
IL Jung are far superior to mine). In response to this recent
observation a request takes shape - If any of you have excess copies of
Shakespeare texts (especially critical) or, in fact ANY books you'd be
willing to donate to a grimy but emerging university system please
contact me privately. Alas, I have no money for this venture - but, you
could make a world of difference here - my students are absolutely
motivated to know and understand English and Western culture.

Oh, how could I forget! Videos or films of any format would be welcome -
even 16mm. You would not believe how old everything is here! It's like
living in the archives!

On another unique Chinese topic; In absolute contrast to the above,
there is also a burgeoning high tech arena - including DVDs - some of
them are even legal! If anyone has a hard-to-find Shakespeare DVD in
mind I could look for it here. The average price is about $7.00 -
shipping anywhere is probably about $5.00. The DVD may have Chinese
subtitles - I don't know if they could be turned off - but that could be
a little added touch of irony don't you think? Hmmm.....I have a picture
in my mind of "Othello" being shown by a new teacher with the sound off
and Chinese characters racing across the screen. Somehow I think WS
would like it.

I did see a boxed set of Charlie Chaplin DVDs (in Chinese) for about
$20. Hmmm....silent movies in Chinese...I think I'll blame all this on

More later,

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