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Date:           Tuesday, 30 Mar 1999 16:13:17 -0500
Subject:        Rare Book School 1999

RARE BOOK SCHOOL 1999 (RBS): Rare Book School is pleased to announce its
schedule of courses for the summer of 1999, consisting of 27 five-day,
non-credit courses on topics concerning the history of books and
printing, manuscripts, and special collections, to be offered on the
grounds of the University of Virginia 12 July - 6 August.  Tuition per
course for the RBS 1999 Summer Session is $640.  The complete brochure,
expanded course descriptions, and applications are available at our


Readers of SHAKSPER may find the courses featured below to be of
particular interest:


A practical exploration of the research, preservation, editing, and
pedagogical uses of electronic texts and images in the humanities. The
course will center around the creation of a set of archival-quality
etexts and digital images, for which we shall also create an Encoded
Archival Description guide. Topics include: SGML tagging and conversion;
using the Text Encoding Initiative Guidelines; the form and implications
of XML; publishing on the World Wide Web; and the management and use of
on-line texts. See for details about last year's course. Some experience
with HTML is a pre-requisite for admission to the course. Offered in
both weeks 2 and 4. Instructor: David Seaman.

DAVID SEAMAN is the founding director of the nationally-known Electronic
Text Center and on-line archive at the University of Virginia. He
lectures and writes frequently on SGML, the Internet, and the creation
and use of electronic texts in the humanities.


An introduction to the physical examination and description of printed
books, especially of the period 1550-1875. Designed both for those with
little previous formal exposure to this subject and for those with some
general knowledge of the field who wish to be presented with a
systematic discussion of the elements of physical description. A major
part of the course will consist of small, closely supervised laboratory
sessions in which students will gain practice in determining format and
collation and in writing standard descriptions of signings and
pagination. In daily museum sessions, students will have the opportunity
to see a wide variety of printed books drawn from the extensive Book
Arts Press laboratory collections. Instructors: Terry Belanger and
Richard Noble.

TERRY BELANGER founded RBS in 1983 at Columbia University. Since 1992,
he has been University Professor and Honorary Curator of Special
Collections at the University of Virginia.

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