The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 10.1473  Monday 23 August 1999.

From:           Frank Whigham <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Monday, 23 Aug 1999 10:42:18 -0500
Subject:        Re: Selected Reference Tools Bibliography

Dear Colleagues,

I wrote you awhile back to solicit help in compiling a basic worklist of
reference tools (loosely defined) for grad study in Renaissance, and
promised to share the results. I'm now nearly ready to print for the
fall semester. Here's the penultimate version; any further suggestions
or corrections?

Many thanks to all who helped.

Frank Whigham

Harner, James L. Literary Research Guide. 3rd ed. MLA, 1998. The most
important assembly of sorted lists of literary tools I know; covers all
periods; some overlap with what follows.

Annals of English Literature. 2nd ed. Oxford, 1961; 3rd ed. available,
but arrived to mixed reviews.

Barnett, Richard C. Place, Profit, and Power: A Study of the Servants of
William Cecil, Elizabethan Statesman. U of N. Carolina P, 1969.

Berger, Thomas L., et al. An Index of Characters in Early Modern English
Drama: Printed Plays, 1500-1660. Cambridge UP, 1998.

Bevington, David. Shakespeare. [Goldentree Bibliography.] AHM, 1978.

Bolgar, R, R. The Classical Heritage and its Beneficiaries. Cambridge
UP, 1954. [supplies a dated list of translations of classical texts into
early modern vernaculars.]

Brundage, Anthony. Going to the Sources: A guide to Historical Research
and Writing. Hallan Davidson, 1989.

Cressy, David. Bonfires and Bells: National Memory and the Protestant
Calendar. Berkeley: University of California Press, 1989.

Cressy, David. "Describing the Social Order in Elizabethan and Stuart
England." Literature and History 3 (1976): 29-44.

Curtius. E. R. European Literature and the Latin Middle Ages. Harper &
Row, 1952.

Dent, R. W. Proverbial Language in English Drama Exclusive of
Shakespeare, 1495-1616: An Index. U of California P, 1984.

Dessen, Alan C., and Leslie Thomson. A Dictionary of Stage Directions in
English Drama, 1580-1642. Cambridge UP, 1999.

Dictionary of National Biography. Ed. Leslie Stephen and Sidney Lee. 22
vols. Oxford UP, 1967-68.

Eccles, Marc. Brief Lives: Tudor and Stuart Authors. Studies in
Philology Texts and Studies, 1982.

Hadas, Moses. Ancilla to Classical Reading. Columbia UP, 1961.

Harvey, Paul. The Oxford Companion to Classical Literature. Oxford,

Henke, James T. Renaissance Dramatic Bawdy, Exclusive of Shakespeare.
Salzburg, 1974.

Hoffman, Ann. Lives of the Tudor Age, 1485-1603. Barnes & Noble, 1977.

Holman, C. Hugh. A Handbook to Literature. 3rd ed.Odyssey, 1976.

Kinney, Arthur. Titled Elizabethans: A Directory of Elizabethan State
and Church Officers and Knights, with Peers of England, Scotland, and
Ireland, 1558-1603. Archon, 1973.

Lanham, Richard. A Handlist of Rhetorical Terms. U of California P,

Laroque, Fran 

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