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From:           Frank Whigham <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Thursday, 26 Aug 1999 09:14:01 -0500
Subject:        Renaissance Studies reference tool list: current final form

Dear Colleagues,

Here's the current final form of my reference tools list, which largely
excludes online resources, which I mostly discuss elsewhere with my grad
students. There are various items (such as the STC) which don't appear
on this list as a result.

Once again, many thanks to all for the many useful suggestions.

Frank Whigham


Harner, James L. Literary Research Guide. 3rd ed. MLA, 1998. The most
important assembly of sorted lists of literary tools I know; covers all
periods. The next edition will be available in e-form.

Annals of English Literature. 2nd ed. Ed. R. W. Chapman. Oxford, 1961.

Arber, Edward (ed.). A Transcript of the Registers of the Company of
Stationers of London,1554-1640. 5 vols. London, 1875-94. See also W. W.
Greg, A Companion to Arber, Oxford, 1967; Greg and E. Boswell (ed.).
Records of the Court of the Stationers' Company, 1576-1602, from
Register B. London, 1930; William A. Jackson (ed.). Records of the Court
of the Stationers'  Company, 1602-1640. London, 1957; and Hyder E.
Rollins (comp.), An Analytical Index to the  Ballad-Entries (1557-17409)
in the Registers of the Company of Stationers of London. London, 1924;
slightly corr. ed. rpt. 1976.

Aughterson, Kate (ed.). Renaissance Woman: A Sourcebook: Constructions
of Femininity in England. London: Routledge, 1995.

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Barnett, Richard C. Place, Profit, and Power: A Study of the Servants of
William Cecil, Elizabethan Statesman. U of N. Carolina P, 1969.

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Drama: Printed Plays, 1500-1660. Cambridge UP, 1998.

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UP, 1954. [supplies a dated list of translations of classical texts into
early modern vernaculars.]

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and Writing. Harlan Davidson, 1989.

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(ed.). Cambridge, 1988.

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English Drama, 1580-1642. Cambridge UP, 1999.

Dictionary of National Biography. Ed. Leslie Stephen and Sidney Lee. 22
vols. Oxford UP, 1967-68.

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Philology Texts and Studies, 1982.

Garland Shakespeare Bibliographies. 27 vols. Ed. W. L. Godshalk. Garland
Reference Library of the Humanities. New York, 1980-98. [an incomplete

Greg, W. W. A Bibliography of the English Printed Drama to the
Restoration. 4 vols. London 1939-1959.

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of all plays, extant or lost, chronologically arranged and indexed by
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a supplement to the revised ed., ed. Samuel Schoenbaum. Evanston, 1966.

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Contexts and Texts of the Controversy about Women in England, 1540-1640.
Urbana: U Of Illinois P, 1985.

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Salzburg, 1974.

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Methuen, 1945.

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Howatson, M. C. The Oxford Companion to Classical Literature. 2nd ed.
Oxford, 1989.

Howell, Thomas Bayly. A complete collection of state trials and
proceedings for high treason and other crimes and misdemeanors from the
earliest period to the year 1783. 21 vols. London, 1816-28. [later
extended into the 19th century]

Hull, Suzanne W. Chaste, Silent, and Obedient: English Books for Women,
1475-1640. San Marino, CA: Huntington Library, 1982.

Kathman, Dave. Biographical Dictionary of Elizabethan Theater, at
http://www.clark.net/pub/tross/ws/bd/kathman.htm. [It will eventually
supersede the biographical portions of the above three works; right now
it consists of an up-to-date index with dates, basic biographical
information, and an index to biographical scholarship published since

Kinney, Arthur. Titled Elizabethans: A Directory of Elizabethan State
and Church Officers and Knights, with Peers of England, Scotland, and
Ireland, 1558-1603. Archon, 1973.

Lanham, Richard. A Handlist of Rhetorical Terms. 2nd ed. U of California
P, 1991.

Laroque, Fran 

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