The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 11.0117  Wednesday, 19 January 2000.

From:           Nancy Charlton <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Monday, 17 Jan 2000 17:30:48 -0500
Subject: 11.0095 Re: Rat Plots (Err.)
Comment:        Re: SHK 11.0095 Re: Rat Plots (Err.)

Norman Myers's comments on Comedy of Errors came in just after the posts
about Shakespearean references, parodies, adaptations:

>. . . I directed a modest production of [C of E] at Bowling Green
>State University, in a little room seating less than 50.  . . . cast and
>audience alike found that Shakespeare's
>"conversion and adaptation of a classical plot" indeed "managed to touch
>deeper resonances".

Seems to me there was a film called "The Boys from Syracuse" that was
based on C of E.  Long about 1973 Zero Mostel did a wonderful version of
it, but whether these films are one and the same I don't know.  I just
remember it was played with a light ironic touch, just enough buffonery
to provoke a belly laugh, but catching the serious note that is always
just beneath the surface of comedy.

This came out about the same time as "Rhinoceros."  Now there's a study
of illusion and delusion for you!

Nancy Charlton

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