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Date:           Friday, 31 Mar 2000 11:56:11 -0500 (EST)
Subject: 11.0645 Re: Pictures/Poetry
Comment:        Re: SHK 11.0645 Re: Pictures/Poetry

In a recent note I saw a request for a list of works on the
picturae/poesis dichotomy. Here's a list of works that appeared some
time back on the Renais-L listserve. (I regret very much not being able
to recall who provided the list; I simply saved it to guide my own
reading.  Since it's not my list, I hope those who are more
knowledgeable will supplement it with their expertise.)

Words and Pictures Bibliography

Norman Bryson, "Intertextuality and Visual Poetics," _Style_ (1988)

Henryk Markiewicz, "Ut Pictura Poesis: A History of the Topos and the
Problem," _NLH_ (1989)

Erica Harth, _Ideology and Culture in 17th C France_.

Ann Hurley, "Ut Pictura Poesis: Vermeer's Challenge to Some Renaissance
Literary Assumptions," _Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism_ (1989)

Mary Ann Caws, _The Art of Interference: Stressed Readings in Verbal and
Visual Arts_.

John Hollander has a new book on ekphrasis.  I think the title is _The
Gazer's Spirit_: Poems Speaking to Silent Works of Art_ (Chicago, 1995).

You might want to check Jonson's _Eupheme_, a sequence that includes two
poems related to visual vs. verbal art: "The Picture of the Body" and
"The Mind."

A classic article on the conflict between verbal and visual
representation is D.J. Gordon, "Poet and Architect: The Intellectual
Setting of the Quarrel between Ben Jonson and Inigo Jones," _JWCI_

Norman K. Farmer, Jr., _Poets and the Visual Arts in Renaissance
England_, is useful in itself and for its bibliography.

Renselaer Lee, _"Ut pictura poesis": The Humanistic Theory of Painting_.
Norton, 1967.

Work on emblems - eg Erwin Panofsky, Fritz Saxl

Peter Daly, _The English Emblem Tradition_.

Roy Strong, _The Elizabethan Icon_.

EH Gombrich, _Art and Illusion_.

Leonard Barkan,  "Making Pictures Speak: Renaissance Art, Elizabethan
Literature, Modern Scholarship." _Renaissance Quarterly_ Summer 1995.

SK Heniger, _The Subtext of Forms in the English Renaissance: Proportion

Rosalie Colie, _My Ecchoing Song_. (on Marvell)

Jean Hagstrum, _The Sister Arts_.

Wendy Steiner, _The Colours of Rhetoric_

Ernest Gilman, _Down Went Dagon: Iconoclasm and Poetry in the English

Michael O'Connell, "The Idolatrous Eye . . ." _ELH_ 52.

Entries in the Spenser Encyclopaedia.

KJ Holtgen. _Word and Visual Imagination: Studies in the Interaction of
English Literature and the Visual Arts_.  Nurnberg: Univ.-Bibliothek
Erlangen, 1988.

Ruth Samson Luborsky.  "The Illustrations to _The Shepheardes Calender_.
in Patrick Cullen and Thomas P. Roche, Jr., eds. _Spenser Studies: A
Renaissance Poetry Annual_ 2. PA: Pittsburgh UP,  1981: 3-53.

Margery Corbett and Ronald Lightbown. _The Comely Frontispiece: the
Emblematic Title-Page in England, 1550-1660_. London: Routledge and
Kegan Paul, 1979.

AM Hind.  _Engraving in England in the Sixteenth and Seventeenth
Centuries_ 3 vols. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1952.

Michael Bath. _Speaking Pictures: English Emblem Books and Renanssance
Culture_. Longman: London and New York, 1994.

Michael Leslie. "Edmund Spenser: Art and _The Faerie Queene_."
_Proceedings of the British Academy_ 76 (1990).

Fran Teague <http://www.arches.uga.edu/~fteague>

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