The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 11.0685  Monday, 3 April 2000.

From:           Hardy M. Cook <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Monday, April 03, 2000
Subject:        A Few Matters Regarding SHAKSPER

Dear SHAKSPEReans,

A few quick observations regarding SHAKSPER:

1. I will be at the SAA but only as an observer this year. Nevertheless,
I do not have the energy - I may some day - to organize a gathering for
the members. If someone else would like to, I will communicate the
arrangements before I leave. I will, however, as usual be staring at
everyone's label to see if I recognize anyone I do not know. Remember
though that there are 1400 of you and only one of me.

2. I have not decided yet if I will attempt to edit SHAKSPER digests
during my time in Montreal, but keep your submissions coming in and I
will wait and see when I will get to them.

3. As for the traffic on SHAKSPER of late, the message level has been
rather heavy, causing me to have to expend around three hours a day or
more editing. Either I have to find a new position with fewer
responsibilities (which is not something that I would dismiss out of
hand) or the number of responses has got to shrink to a more manageable
level. So I ask, please count to ten before you hit the reply key; this
is especially true of frequent contributors.

4. Another request is that if your name is NOT included with your e-mail
address, please give your full name at the end of your submission. I do
not let postings go out without attributing them to the member of the
from whom they came, so if your name is not present I have to look it
up, taking more of my time.

I leave very early Thursday morning and look forward to seeing as many
SHAKSPEReans as I can.

Best wishes,

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