The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 11.2113  Friday, 17 November 2000.

From:           John Robinson <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Thursday, 16 Nov 2000 14:22:55 EST
Subject: 11.2088 Re: Adams' Essay on Desdemona
Comment:        Re: SHK 11.2088 Re: Adams' Essay on Desdemona

>Thank you for your post.  I am sorry that I was too tame in my
>condemnation of Adam's view.  I was thinking of it solely from a
>performance point of view....  Clearly Adams' ideas are not
>politically correct, nor were Thomas Jefferson's or many other American
>presidents. Clearly Adams moral is racist itself.  What I wish is that
>more of our current leaders took an interest in Shakespeare and formed
>any opinion on Shakespeare's work.  I am sorry for any offence that was
>taken by putting Adam's essay out there.

Oh, please, could we stop all the hand wringing and apologizing about
things other people said and did before we were all born. Why should
you, or anyone, feel guilty about, or apologize for, something someone
else said or did.  Just because you unapologetically quote Adams doesn't
mean you are advocating his ideas.

I don't know what finger-wagging post you are responding to, but
apparently it pointed out that the past was as bad as everyone already
knows that it was.

John Robinson.

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