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Date:           Sunday, 01 Oct 2000 18:05:31 -0400
Subject:        Shakespeare's Globe International Artistic Fellowship

Thought you might want to see the attached.

Shakespeare's Globe
International Artistic Fellowship
Proposal for a Pilot Scheme - Summer 2001

Aims of the Artistic Fellowship:

To create a programme which directly benefits the performance of
Shakespeare in the country and communities of Shakespeare Globe Centres

To introduce the unique playing space at the Globe to developing and
leading actors and directors worldwide from different cultural

The scheme is aimed primarily for the consideration of artistic
directors and boards of professional Shakespeare-producing theatre
companies who are actively seeking to develop their artists. If an SGC
has access only to a drama school in its country, the Globe would
consider a limited number of actors in training.

Role of Fellows:

While at the Globe, the fellows will attend a programme of voice,
movement, verse and acting work designed to respond to the challenges of
the playing space, which is also used by the 2001 Globe Theatre Company.
The work will culminate in a performance in front of an audience of
scenes from the work of Shakespeare or one of his contemporaries on at
least one dedicated Sunday or Monday during the season.

We aim to give as much experience in front of a live audience as
possible. Net income from these performances will go to the fellowship
scheme funds.

The proposed dates for the pilot scheme are from 30th July until 26th
August (a total of 30 nights from 29th July to 27th August).

Rehearsal Space:

Rehearsal space and stage time are at a premium at Shakespeare's Globe,
but it is anticipated that a 3-hour slot each day will be identified for
the exclusive use of the fellows.


For observation of performances by the Globe Theatre Company, fellows
will be issued with a temporary staff badge to allow them free access to
the Yard at all times.  If opportunities arise for seats, they will be


Various possibilities will be researched, including Bankside House, one
of the halls of residence for the London School of Economics.  This
particular accommodation offers the privacy of single rooms within a
group housing context.  Bed and breakfast is supplied.  The close
proximity to Shakespeare's Globe (a 2-minute walk) is a great benefit.


Dinner at the Globe for a 'meet and greet' will be organised as part of
the orientation session on the first night (included in the costs).


It is recommended that SGCs build an insurance policy and travel costs
into their part of the scheme.


A dedicated company manager will be assigned to the fellows for the
duration of their stay, to support fellows and to act as chief liaison
between them and the Globe.  The company management duties associated
with this scheme might also provide a number of short-term internship


Each SGC is strongly advised to contact a professional company in their
home country to make selections for the 2001 International Artistic
Fellowship scheme.

Each fellow should demonstrate a desire to meet and work with an
international group of actors in the spirit of experimentation and

For the scheme to be practically and financially viable, a minimum of at
least 6 fellows (preferably one from each SGC) is necessary.  If there
were a favourable response to the scheme, it would be possible to
accommodate a greater number of fellows from each SGC. The scheme is at
its most cost-effective with 14 fellows. SGC Japan has proposed to send
two 'auditors' to observe the project with a view to participating in a
2002 scheme.

It is intended that fellows selected by SGCs would join a small number
selected from companies in the U.K. and Ireland. Ideally, these should
form no more than 30% of the total intake each year.  A further
possibility is that fellows may be joined in classes by a small number
of 'apprentices', or actors in training, selected from local drama


It is anticipated that the costs for each fellow (including travel,
accommodation and living expenses) would be facilitated through funding
applications made by each SGC in their own country.

Costings are currently being assessed to take account of the fees and
availability of the Globe Theatre Company's professional voice,
movement, verse and acting coaches and to assess the production and
administration costs of a Sunday / Monday performance in the theatre.

An outline of the revised figures indicating a ceiling limit for the
programme will be distributed  to all SGCs on 11th October 2000.
Detailed costings will be available from 31st October.

Deadline for confirmation of participants from each SGC - 31st January

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