The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 11.1867  Tuesday, 3 October 2000.

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Date:           Monday, 02 Oct 2000 09:44:00 -0500
Subject:        TOC: Shakespeare Survey 53

Shakespeare Survey vol. 53: 'Shakespeare and Narrative'


List of Illustrations                                           page ix

Shakespeare's Narremes by Helmut Bonheim                        1

Stepping out of Narrative Line: A Bit of Word, and Horse,
    Play in Venus and Adonis by Margaret Tudeau-Clayton         12

A 'consummation devoutly to be wished': The Erotics of
    Narration in Venus and Adonis by Peter J. Smith             25

Echoes Inhabit a Garden: The Narratives of Romeo and
    Juliet by Jill L. Levenson                                  39

A Midsummer Night's Dream: Comedy as Apotrope
    of Myth by A.D. Nuttall                                     49

Plutarch, Insurrection, and Dearth in Coriolanus by
    David George                                                60

Shakespeare, Crossing the Rubicon by Cynthia Marshall           73

Vernacular Criticism and the Scenes Shakespeare Never
    Wrote by Michael D. Bristol                                 89

The Shadow of Lear's 'Houseless' in Dickens by
    Adrian Poole                                                103

Shakespearian Margins in George Eliot's 'working-day
    world' by John Lyon                                         114

In Her Father's Library: Margaret Fuller and the Making of
    the American Miranda by Phyllis McBride                     127

The Magician in Love by Julia Griffin                           137

Narrative Approaches to Shakespeare: Active Storytelling in
    Schools by Rex Gibson                                       151

Monsters, Magicians, Movies: The Tempest and the Final
    Frontier by Ruth Morse                                      164


Shakespeare's Self-Repetitions and King John by
    E.A.J. Honigmann                                            175

Inside Othello by Barbara Everett                               184

The View of London from the North and the Playhouses in
    Holywell by Herbert Berry                                   196

Measured Endings: How Productions from 1720 to 1929
    Close Shakespeare's Open Silences in Measure for Measure
    by Edward L. Rocklin                                        213

Shakespearian Utopias by Robert Shaughnessy                     233

Shakespeare Performances in England, 1999 by
    Robert Smallwood                                            244

Professional Shakespeare Productions in the British Isles,
    January-December 1998 by Niky Rathbone                      274

This Year's Contributions to Shakespeare Studies

         1 Critical Studies reviewed by Edward Pechter          287
         2 Shakespeare's Life, Times and Stage reviewed
               by Alison Findlay                                317
         3 Editions and Textual Studies reviewed by
            Eric Rasmussen                                      331

Books Received                                                  346


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