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Date:           Tuesday, 01 Aug 2000 05:12:43 -0500
Subject:        TOC: Analytical and Enumerative Bibliography 1999 and 2000

Analytical and Enumerative Bibliography New Series Volume 10 1999 Number

A Note from the Editor

The Case for Bibliographical Archeology By Marija Dalbello-Lovric'

The Indian/Iudean Crus in Othello: Two Views

        Judean and Indian Yet Once Again By John W. Velz

        Indian/Iudean Again By Nicholas Ranson


An Introduction to Bibliography for Literary Students. Rev. by T. H.

The Variorum Edition of the Poetry of John Donne. Vol. 6. The
Anniversaries and Epicedes and Obsequies. Rev. by Brian Vickers

Victorian Poetry: An Annotated Bibliography. Rev. by Hayden Ward

The Letters of George Henry Lewes. Rev. by Donald Hawes

The Joyce Calendar: A Chronological Listing of Published, Unpublished
and Ungathered Correspondence by James Joyce. Rev. by William S.

Editing D. H. Lawrence: New Versions of a Modern Author. Rev. by Ian

Ngaio Marsh: The Woman and Her Work. Rev. by Siv Jansson

 American and British Poetry: A Guide to Criticism, 1979-1990. Rev. by
Kenneth Womack

 Henry Miller: A Bibliography of Primary Sources. Vol. II. Rev. by James
M. Decker

 Margaret Atwood: A Reference Guide. Rev. by Jerome Rosenberg

Analytical and Enumerative Bibliography New Series Volume 10 1999 Number

Eighteenth-Century Editors, Critics, and Performers of Coriolanus By
David George

Editions of Shakespeare in the Twentieth Century By Akihiro Yamada


Contemporary German Editorial Theory. Rev. by Peter Shillingsburg

Technological Innovations in Libraries, 1860-1960: An Anecdotal History.
Rev. by T. J. Lusher

Music Reference and Research Materials: An Annnotated Bibliography. Rev.
by D. W. Krummel

ABC for Book Collectors. Rev. by Margaret Kulis

Private Libraries in Renaissance England: A Collection and Catalogue of
Tudor and Early Stuart Book-Lists. Vol. IV. Rev. by David Pearson

The Printed Catalogue of the Harvard College Library, 1723-1790. Rev. by
Shef Rogers

The Economy of Literary Form: English Literature and the
Industrialization of Publishing 1800-1850. Rev. by Alexis Weedon

Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet in Performance: Traditions and
Departures. Rev. by Joseph Rosenblum

The Variorum Edition of the Poetry of John Donne. Vol. 8. The Epigrams,
Epithalamions, Inscriptions, and Miscellaneous Poems. Rev. by Brian

Samuel Taylor Coleridge: An Annotated Bibliography of Criticism and
Scholarship. Vol. III. Rev. by J. C. C. Mays

A Checklist of Contributions by William Makepeace Thackeray to
Newspapers, Periodicals, Books, and Serial Part Issues, 1828-64. Rev. by
Donald Hawes

British Short-Fiction Writers, 1880-1914: The Realist Tradition. Rev. by
Pierre Coustillas

Understanding Adventures of Hucklebrry Finn: A Student Casebook to
Issues, Sources, and Historical Documents. Rev. by Frederic J. Svoboda

Analytical & Enumerative Bibliography  New Series Volume 10 1999 Number


A Witness Much Abused: BL MS Harley 7334 and the Stemma of the
Canterbury Tales. By J. P. Conlan

Considering the Terminology of the New Bibliography and After. By
Bernice W. Kliman


Textual Transgressions: Essays Toward the Construction of a
Bibliography. Rev. by George Bornstein

Pursuing History: Middle English Manuscripts and Their Texts. Rev. by
Jim Crowley

Thomas Shadwell's Bury-Fair: A Critical Edition. Rev. by Jill Barker

Writers, Books and Trade: An Eighteenth-Century English Miscellany for
William B. Todd. Rev. by John C. Ross

American Playwrights, 1880-1995: A Research and Production Sourcebook.
Rev. by Toby Widdicombe

American Literary Publishing in the Mid-Nineteenth Century: The Business
of Ticknor and Fields. Rev. by John Pym

Kinnan Rawlings: A Descriptive Bibliography. Rev. by Kevin M. McCarthy

The Life and Work of Harold Pinter. Rev. by William Baker

Autobiographies of Americans of Color 1980-1994: An Annotated
Bibliography. Rev. by Joseph Rosenbloom

Analytical & Enumerative Bibliography New Series Volume 10 1999 Number 4

Index Volume

Editor's Note

Index of Analytical & Enumerative Bibliography: 1977-1995 By Ellen Brink

Analytical & Enumerative Bibliography New Series Volume 11 2000 Number 1

The Editor as Theologian, Historian, and Archaeologist: Shifting
Paradigms within Editorial Theory and their Sociocultural Ramifications.
By Karen Bjelland


Literary Research Guide: An Annotated Listing of Reference Sources in
English Literary Studies. Third Edition. Rev. by James K. Bracken

The Bible as Book: The Manuscript Tradition. Rev. by Joseph Rosenblum

Book & Print in New Zealand: A Guide to Print Culture in Aotearoa. Rev.
by J. C. Ross

Clavis Patristica Pseudepigraphorum Medii Aevi, IIA: Theologica,
Exegetica; IIB: Ascetica, Monastica. Rev. by Charles D. Wright

Bibliography of Early American Law. Rev. by David R. Bryant

John Milton: An Annotated Bibliography, 1968-1988 and "Paradise Lost":
An Annotated Bibliography Rev. by Jeffrey S. Shoulson

John Clare in Context. Rev. by Sarah M. Zimmerman

The Companion to "Hard Times." Rev. by Donald Hawes

Thackeray the Writer: From Journalism to "Vanity Fair." Rev. by Donald

A Bibliography of the English Novel from the Restoration to the French
Revolution: A Checklist of Sources and Critical Materials, with
Particular Reference to the Period 1660-1740. Rev. by Joseph Rosenblum

George Orwell: A Bibliography. Rev. by Kenneth Womack

The Federal Writers' Project: A Bibliography. Rev. by Toby Widdicombe

Marie-Claire Blais: An Annotated Bibliography. Rev. by Carl Spadoni

Clifford Odets: A Research and Production Sourcebook. Rev. by Toby

Contemporary Southern Men Fiction Writers. Rev. by James R. Giles

Tennessee Williams: A Descriptive Bibliography. Rev. by Philip C. Kolin

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