The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 11.1457  Monday, 7 August 2000.

From:           Frank Whigham <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Monday, 31 Jul 2000 05:45:47 -0500
Subject:        Revised English Manuscript Studies TOC

English Manuscript Studies 1100-1700, Volume 8: Seventeenth-Century
Poetry, Music and Drama, ed. Peter Beal (British Library, London, 2000)

HILTON KELLIHER, Francis Beaumont and Nathan Field: New Records of their
Early Years. 1-42

MARK BLAND, `As far from all Reuolt': Sir John Salusbury, Christ Church
MS 184 and Ben Jonson's First Ode. 43-78

JAMES KNOWLES, The `Running Masque' Recovered: A Masque for the Marquess
of Buckingham (c.1619-20). 79-135

JEREMY MAULE, `To the memory of the late excellent Poet John Fletcher':
A New Poem by John Ford. 136-159

PETER BEAL, An Authorial Collection of Poems by Thomas Carew: The Gower
Manuscript. 160-185

SCOTT NIXON, The Manuscript Sources of Thomas Carew's Poetry. 186-224

RICHARD CHARTERIS, A Newly Discovered Songbook in Poland with Works by
Henry Lawes and his Contemporaries. 225-279

DENNIS FLYNN, Donne Manuscripts in Cheshire

KEITH WALKER, `Not the Worst part of my wretched life': Three New
Letters by Rochester, and How to Read Them. 293-299

NICHOLAS FISHER, A New Dating of Rochester's Artemiza to Chloe. 300-319.

English Manuscript Studies 1100-1700 Volume 9: Writings by Early Modern
Women, ed. Peter Beal and Margaret J.M. Ezell (British Library, London,

JANE STEVENSON, Writing and Scribal Publication in the Sixteenth
Century. 1-32

FRANCES TEAGUE, Princess Elizabeth's Hand in The Glass of the Sinful
Soul. 33-48

ANNEKE TJAN-BAKKER, Dame Flora's Blossoms: Esther Inglis's
Flower-Illustrated Manuscripts.  49-72

GEORGIANNA ZIEGLER, Hand-Ma[I]de Books: The Manuscripts of Esther
Inglis, Early-Modern Precursors of the Artists' Book. 73-87

STEVEN W. MAY, Two Unpublished Letters by Mary Herbert, Countess of
Pembroke. 88-97

VICTORIA E. BURKE, Elizabeth Ashburnham Richardson's `Motherlie
Endeauors'. 98-113

MARGARET HANNAY, Elizabeth Ashburnham Richardson's Meditation on the
Countess of Pembroke's Discourse. 114-128

SYLVIA BROWN, The Approbation of Elizabeth Jocelin. 129-164

JEAN KLENE, `Monuments of an Endless affection': Folger MS V.b.198 and
Lady Anne Southwell. 165-186.

HEATHER WOLFE, The Scribal Hands and Dating of Lady Falkland: Her Life.

ELIZABETH CLARKE, Elizabeth Jekyll's Spiritual Diary: Private Manuscript
or Political Document? 218-237

MARK ROBSON, Swansongs: Reading Voice in the Poetry of Lady Hester
Pulter. 238-256

DAVID NORBROOK, Lucy Hutchinson and Order and Disorder: The Manuscript
Evidence. 257-291.

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