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Date:           Wednesday, 30 Aug 2000 08:56:50 -0500
Subject:        TOC: Bullan 4/2

TOC: Bullan: an Irish Studies Journal, vol. 4/2 (Winter 1999/2000)

Seamus Deane, 'Factions and fictions: Burke, colonialism and
revolution', pp. 5-26

Margaret O'Callaghan, 'Old parchment and water: the Boundary Commission
of 1925 and the copperfastening of the Irish border', pp. 27-56

Nicholas Grene, 'The class of the Clitheroes: O'Casey's revisions to
_The Plough and the Stars_ promptbook', pp. 57-66

Richard Kirkland, '"The shanachie of Belfast and its red-brick
Gaeltacht": Cathal O'Byrne', pp. 67-82

Matthew Campbell, 'Thomas Moore's wild song: the 1821 Irish Melodies',
pp. 83-104

Oliver P. Rafferty, 'Carleton's ecclesiastical context: the Ulster
Catholic experience', pp. 105-24

Liam McIlvanney, 'Robert Burns and the Ulster-Scots literary revival of
the 1790s', pp. 125-43

Reviews of:

B. Bradshaw and J. Morrill (eds) The British Problem 1534-1707; B.
Bradshaw and P. Roberts (eds) British consciousness and identity; Colin
Kidd, British identities before nationalism, by Hugh F. Kearney, pp.

J. Kelly, W. Gould, D. Toomey (eds), Collected Letters of W.B. Yeats
1869-1900, by Jonathan Allison, pp.159-61

J.P. Harrington, The Irish play on the New York stage 1874-1966, by
Chris Morash, pp. 162-4

C. Highley, Shakespeare, Spencer and the crisis in Ireland, W. Maley,
Salvaging Spencer, A. Hadfield, Spencer's Irish experience, by Richard
McCabe, pp. 164-73

S. Matthews, Irish poetry: politics, history, negotiation, P. McDonald,
Mistaken identities: poetry and N. Ireland, by Carol Tell, pp. 173-6

M.J. Kelly and B. O'Connor (eds), Media audiences in Ireland, E.
Devereux, Devils and angels: television, ideology and the coverage of
poverty, R.J. Savage, Irish television: the political and social
origins, by Lance Pettitt, pp. 177-81

T. Eagleton, Crazy Jane and the bishop, by Richard Kearney, pp. 181-4

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