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Subject:        Fwd: TOC: History Ireland 8/3

TOC: HISTORY IRELAND 8/3 (Autumn 2000)
Special Issue: The Catholic Church through the ages

Brian Lynch, 'The origins of the Angelus on Radio Eireann',  pp. 5-6

Eamonn Dunne, '"A combined barricade and ammunition wagon": the Legion
of Mary book barrow', pp. 8-9

James S. Donnelly, 'A Church in crisis: the Irish Catholic Church
today', pp 12-17

Brendan McConvery, 'Hell-fire and poitin: Redemptorist missions in the
Irish Free State 1922-36', pp. 18-22

Interview with Dr Eamon Duffy, pp. 23-6

Colm Lennon, '"A dangerous man to be among the Irish": Archbishop
Richard Creagh and the early Irish Counter-Reformation', pp. 27-31

Richard Roche, 'Alexius Stafford: the popish dean of Christ's Church',
pp. 32-4

Niall R. Branach, 'Edward Nangle and the Achill Island Mission', pp.

William L. Smith, 'Euntes Docete Omnes Gentes: emigrant Irish secular
priests in America', pp. 39-43

Enda Staunton, 'The forgotten war: the Catholic Church and Biafra,
1967-70', pp. 44-8

Reviews of:

J.B. Bury, The life of St Patrick and his place in history; T.
O'Loughlin, St Patrick: the man and his words; B. McCormack, Perceptions
of St Patrick in 18th Century Ireland; I. Bradley, Celtic Christianity:
making myths and chasing dreams; M. Herbert, Iona, Kells and Derry: the
history and hagiography of the monastic familia of Columba, by Charles
Doherty, pp. 49-52

H.A. Jefferies and C. Devlin (eds), History of the diocese of Derry; T.
McGrath, Religious renewal and reform in the pastoral ministry of Bishop
James Doyle of Kildare, 1786-1834; Politics, interdenominational
relations and education in the public ministry of Bishop James Doyle; R.
Murray, Archdiocese of Armagh; P.  Murray, Oracles of God: the Roman
Catholic Church and Irish politics 1922-37; S.J. Brown and D.W. Miller
(eds), Piety and power in Ireland 1760-1960; J.  Cooney, John Charles
McQuaid, ruler of Catholic Ireland; J. Kelly and D. Keogh (eds), History
of the Catholic diocese of Dublin; D. O'Leary, Vocationalism and social
Catholicism in 20th century Ireland, by Dermot Keogh, pp. 53-5

M. McGrath, The Catholic Church and Catholic schools in Northern
Ireland, by Neil Fleming, pp. 55-6 F. Holmes, The Presbyterian Church in
Ireland: a popular history, D. Livingstone and R.A. Wells (eds),
Ulster-American religion; A.E. Brozyna, Labour, love and prayer: female
piety in Ulster religious literature 1850-1914, by Terence McCaughey,
pp. 56-8

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