The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 11.1204  Monday, 12 June 2000.

From:           Frank Whigham <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Friday, 09 Jun 2000 08:11:54 -0500
Subject:        TOCs at SHAKSPER

The H-Albion list is currently having an argument about whether or not
to post all relevant Table of Content announcements for new issues of
British-history-relevant journals, or only TOCs for obscure journals
unlikely to make it to the eye. It's made me wonder whether some such
idea would be of interest to the SHAKSPER community. This is clearly the
premier Renaissance list, though nominally Shakespearean. And we don't
tend to do poetry and prose here either. Still, I don't know that it
would be an important disservice to anyone to list TOCs for Renaissance
non-dramatic journals here, and I for one would find this a very useful
centralizing.  Anyone else feel the same way?

Of course, our field is not structured the same way that History is, but
it would be easy enough, say, for me to post the TOC for TSLL and list
only the Renaissance-relevant essays.

There is also the possibility of cross-posting relevant (early modern
English) TOC elements from history journals, or similar things from
theater journals.

An important possible problem, of course, might have to do with whether
it'd be an unwelcome increase in workload for Hardy. Perhaps there could
be a monthly TOC digest, or some other work-reducing move. Or perhaps a
group of volunteers could prepare a monthly digest and send it to Hardy
only periodically. (I'd volunteer for such a task if this seems the way
to go.) Presumably our group includes many like myself who (1) teach at
the places that journals originate, and could get "home" data easily, or
(2) subscribe to other relevant lists, and could get cross-postings and
screen them for relevance. Together we ought to be able to cover most of
the ground of Renaissance/Early Modern studies.

What do folks think?

Frank Whigham

[Editor's Note: I believe that the posting of such items as the Table of
Contents is one of the important functions of SHAKSPER. Thoughts?

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