The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 12.0417  Wednesday, 21 February 2001

From:           Norman Holland <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Tuesday, 20 Feb 2001 17:36:17 -0500


Here is some conference information that should be of interest.

                       --Best, Norm Holland


You can also view this announcment and register at

As some of you already know, and the rest have probably surmised, we
have had to cancel our Jerusalem destination for the 2001 conference
because of the turmoil there.

Fortunately, our long-time attendee Joanna Montgomery Byles has stepped
into the breach.  Joanna organized our very fine 1991 conference at
Regent's College, London, with its memorable party at the Freud House.
She has invited us to the University of Cyprus, an exciting destination.

As ever, we invite papers that use psychoanalysis or other psychologies
to address literature, film, or other arts such as photography, dance,
or music.  We welcome the participation of both scholars and mental
health clinicians.  Papers can be of any length, but limit your abstract
to 150 words absolute maximum and limit your presentation time to 20
minutes.  If you wish, we will consider your paper for the PSYART

Our dates will be May 15-May 20. This is very early for us, and we
recognize that it presents problems for some of our European attendees
and for analysts with patient schedules in May.  These are the only
dates we can manage, however.  We hope that the chance to visit Cyprus
and Greece will lure you all anyway.

Cyprus is the third largest island in the Mediterranean, with Neolithic
archaeological sites dating from 6000 BCE.  The island has been divided
since 1974 into a northern, Turkish part and a southern, Greek part, the
latter a major tourist destination.  We will be in the Republic of
Cyprus, the Greek part, in Nicosia (Lefkosia), which boasts Venetian
fortifications and an outstanding collection of archaeological materials
in the Cyprus Museum.  Our feminist conferees might appreciate that in
ancient times the island was sacred to Aphrodite.  Today, continuing
that tradition, it is celebrated for "fun in the sun" at the coastal
resorts.  Also, outside of Nicosia/Lefkosia, there are unique Byzantine
church frescoes in tiny monasteries in the Troodos Mountains.

We will be going at one of the best times of year to visit, and we will
be staying at the 5-star Hilton.  (You can get a look at it at
<http://www.hotelbook.com/static/welcome_01300.html>.)  The hotel is a
5-minute walk from the campus of the University of Cyprus where we will
be holding our meetings.  We anticipate temperatures of 60-85 degrees F
or 15-30 C, and the hotel is air-conditioned.

Please register and send us your registration fee and abstract quickly.
Because of the May dates, our schedule is very tight.  Registrations
will have to be final (note that we cannot refund if you cancel) by
March 15, and the conference will begin on May 15.  You will also have
to be CAREFUL about canceling with the hotel.  They will charge you 30%
of the TOTAL BILL that you reserved for if you cancel after March 30.

I have found a number of web sites with information about Cyprus, and I
list them below with my recommendations.  These will be useful to you if
you plan to spend a few days touring before or after the conference (as
Jane and I plan to do).

Best, Norm

www.lonelyplanet.com. Very good.

www.cosmosnet.net/azias/cyprus/c-main.html.  Well-organized commercial
includes daily news from Cyprus, streaming radio and tv
http://www.yourcyprus.com.   Spin-off from above site, mildly useful

www.welcometocyprus.com.  Well-organized site for info on car hire,
hotels, etc.

http://www.ucy.ac.cy/           The home page of the University of
Cyprus.  The
"AboutCyprus" link will take you to the government's official page, not
useful, except for daily news of Cyprus--what is on Cypriotes' minds.

                                Information on Northern Cyprus

www.windowoncyprus.com  A very commercial, confusing site.

For a complete registration, we require three items:

   1) registration form (see below)
   2) brief abstract of paper (150 words maximum)
   3) check for $125 made out to GAP-INTERNATIONAL


You can fly from Athens to Cyprus (Larnaca) via Olympic or Cyprus Air.
There are also daily flights from Paris to Larnaca via Air France, and
flights from other European capitals such as Rome.  We are trying to
arrange transport from the airport to the hotel.

Tentative schedule:

May 15: Arrival.  Reception 7:30 pm.
May 16: plenary address, morning meetings, afternoon tour
May 17: morning and afternoon meetings
May 18: morning and afternoon meetings
May 19: morning meetings, wrapup, afternoon tour, evening banquet
May 20: morning departure


The conference will take place at the University of Cyprus campus. We
will be housed in the Hilton Cyprus, five minutes walk from the
University.  We have reserved 20 singles and 20 doubles.  Cost is 55 CYP
for a single and 65 CYP for a double room.  At present exchange rates
(Cyprus pound = about $1.62 US) that's $90 or $105.  Updated confversion
rates can be obtained from <http://www.xe.net/ucc>.  The price includes
buffet breakfast, service charge, tax, VAT, and access to the  pool,
tennis and squash courts.

Contact :

Yiannakis Georgiou
Director of Sales
Hilton Cyprus
Archbishop Makarios III Avenue
PO Box 22023
1516 Nicosia, Cyprus

FAX:  011 (from U.S.) 357-2-376101

You will need to fax a photocopy of a credit card to hold your

Registration form is below:

<P>Registration Form:  International Conference on Literature and

                            May 15-20, 2001,     University of Nicosia,

Conference dates are May 15-20, 2001 at University of Nicosia, Cyprus.
Deadline for registration is March 15, 2001, and there can be no refunds
of your registration fee after that date.  You should cancel hotel
reservations before April 15--otherwise a substantial charge.

For a complete registration, we require three items:

   1) registration form
   2) abstract of paper (150 words maximum; words after 150 will be
   3) check for $125 made out to GAP-International.

Send  all registration materials to  Ms. Sonja Moreno,
<This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

         Mailing address:

         Sonja Moreno
         Department of English
         PO Box 117310
         University of Florida
         Gainesville FL 32611-7310

Reply to Mrs. Moreno directly.  Therefore start a new message and copy
the form into it.  Then fill out the form and send it to Mrs. Moreno,
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

                         Registration Form

 Title     First Name           M.I.       Last Name

 University or
 City                         State   Postcode   Country

 Address to mail to if different from above:
 City                         State   Postcode   Country

 Business Phone:__________________________________________________
 Home Phone:______________________________________________________
 Fax Phone:_______________________________________________________
 e-mail address:__________________________________________________

 Language your paper will be in (English, French, German):

 Title of your paper:_____________________________________________

 Equipment needed (VCR, tape recorder, slides, etc.)______________

                  Preliminary Housing Information

 Date of arrival:                  _______________________________
 Date of departure:                _______________________________
  Add flight numbers, arrival and departure times  when you know them:

 (Conference dates are May 15-20;we assume most conferees will arrive
 May 15 and leave the morning of May 20)

 Housing needs (one person, two, or three?):______________________

 Name(s) of accompanying

 Do you have any special dietary needs (e.g., vegetarian)?

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