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From:           Frank Whigham <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Thursday, 11 Jan 2001 07:03:35 -0600
Subject:        TOC: Renaissance Studies 14, nos. 2-4 (2000)

TOC: Renaissance Studies, 14.2: June 2000.

pp. 147-148.

The negative dialectic of Lorenzo Valla: a study in the pathology of
W Scott Blanchard, pp. 149-189.

Renaissance commemoration in Naples: the Rota Chapel in San Pietro a
Y Ascher, pp. 190-209.

Heraldry in Arcadia: the court eclogue of Johannes Opicius,
L Wahlgren-Smith, pp. 210-234.

The hare and the drum: Robert Persons's writings on the English
Succession, 1593-6,
V Houliston, pp. 235-250.

Reviews of exhibitions,
pp. 251-259.

Reviews of books,
pp. 260-267.

Books received,
pp. 268-272.


TOC: Renaissance Studies, 14.3: September 2000.

An abbess and a painter: Emilia Pannocchieschi d'Elci and a fresco from
the circle of Simone Martini,
D Norman, pp. 273-300.

The early Renaissance personification of time and changing concepts of
S Cohen, pp. 301-328.

'Born between two women...' Jules Michelet and Francis I,
RJ Knecht, pp. 329-343.

Sodomy, usury, and the narrative of Shakespeare's Sonnets,
D Hawkes, pp. 344-361.

Reviews of exhibitions,
pp. 362-370.

Reviews of books,
pp. 371-390.

Books received,
pp. 391-395.

Obituary. Edmund Boleslaw Fryde (1923-99),
pp. 396-398.


TOC: Renaissance Studies, 14.4: December 2000.

Obituary. Sir John Hale (1923-99),
pp. 399-407.

Ferdinand Gregorovius and Renaissance Rome,
DS Chambers, pp. 408-433.

Provincial painters: local artists in Quattrocento Cortona and the
origins of Luca Signorelli,
D Bornstein, pp. 434-451.

The vices of chaste conduct. Les Chastes Amours d'Helene de Marthe
(1597): a moral tale,
C Hampton, pp. 452-474.

Reviews of exhibitions,
RJ Knecht, pp. 476-480.

Reviews of books,
pp. 481-494.

Books received,
pp. 495-499.

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