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Date:           Monday, 05 Mar 2001 17:18:36 -0600
Subject:        Japanese Shakespeare TOCs

Shakespeare Studies (Shakespeare Society of Japan):

Vol. 30 (1992):
Aya Mimura, The Absent Reader: Tension in Fulke Greville's Prose and
Tragedy. pp. 1-16
Shoichiro Kawai, John Lowin as Iago. pp. 17-34
John Reid, Double Heresy and Bourgeois Humours in Windsor. pp. 35-56
Peter Milward, Shakespeare's "Fatal Cleopatra". pp. 57-63

Vol. 31 (1993):
Fumio Yoshioka, Silence, Speech, and Spectacle in Hamlet. pp. 1-34
S. H. Clark, "Ancestral Englishness" in King Lear. pp. 35-63

Vol. 32 (1994):
Jonathan Bate, Shakespeare's Peculiarity. pp. 1-28
Lois Potter, Shakespeare and the Art of Revenge. pp. 29-54

Vol. 33 (1995):
Kazuhiko Murai, The Flower of Aaron: Metamorphoses of Human Activities
in Titus Andronicus. pp. 1-30
Naoko Komachiya, The Legitimation of Power and the Power of Legitimation
in King John. pp. 31-70
Kaori Ashizu, Kurosawa's Hamlet? pp. 71-99

Vol. 34 (1996):
John Lee, On Reading The Tempest Autobiographically: Ben Jonson's The
New Inn. 1-26
Ayako Kawanami, "Pleasing All": Thomas Heywood's Preservation of the
Bases of Elizabethan Theatre. pp. 27-48
Yukiko Takeoka, The "Letter" as a Device of Discommunication in Twelfth
Night. pp. 49-71

Vol. 35 (1997):
Stephen Greenblatt, The Mousetrap. pp. 1-32
Anthony Martin, Africans on the Elizabethan Stage. pp. 33-58
Kaori Kobayashi, Can a woman be liberated in a "chauvinist's dream"?:
Michael Bogdanov's Production of The Taming of the Shrew in 1978. pp.
Soji Iwasaki, The Political Discourse and the Iconography of
Commonwealth in The Tempest. pp. 103-127

Vol. 36 (1998):
Juliet Dusinberre, Boys Becoming Women in Shakespeare's Plays. pp. 1-28
Paul A. Kottman, Sharing Vision, Interrupting Speech: Hamlet's
Spectacular Community. pp. 29-57

Vol. 37 (1999):
Soji Iwasaki, Rough Music and Deer's Horn in The Merry Wives of Windsor.
pp. 1-20
K. Hilberdink-Sakamoto, "O God's Will, Much Better She Ne'er Had Known
Pomp": The Making of Queen Anne in Shakespeare's Henry VIII. pp. 21-44
Michio Tokumi, The Salic Law in Henry V. pp. 45-61

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