The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 12.0997  Tuesday, 1 May 2001

From:           Melissa D. Aaron <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Monday, 30 Apr 2001 12:21:14 -0700
Subject: 12.0982 Copyrights
Comment:        Re: SHK 12.0982 Copyrights

>To Hardy, Eric and everyone on the list,
>Now that SHAKSPER has its own website, with soon-to-be-searchable
>archives (thanks again for all the hard work!), something occurred to me
>which I decided to run by the list.
>The SHARP-L list website runs the following on the page introducing its
>searchable archive.  I wonder if SHAKSPER should consider something
>"The SHARP-L archives contain every message posted to SHARP's discussion
>list from its beginnings in March of 1992 to the present. Containing as
>they do the informal daily give-and-take of hundreds of scholars from
>all over the world, these archives represent a unique scholarly resource
>for historians of print culture. The SHARP-L records are now easily
>searchable in their unedited entirety by word, phrase, subject, date, or
>"Making these archives available to the scholarly community via SHARP
>Web in no way implies, however, that they are in the public domain or
>are unprotected by the laws of copyright. To the contrary: in making use
>of them you must always remember that THE COPYRIGHT OF EACH POSTED
>"If you would like to quote from or reproduce a SHARP-L posting in an
>article or monograph or anywhere else, please request permission from
>its author and include a citation to its source. Guides to citation of
>electronic sources such as the ones by Nancy Crane and Xia Li and Melvin
>Page can help with the format of this essential scholarly courtesy."
>Just a thought, perhaps for the future if not now.
>Karen E. Peterson

In fact, I hope all possible legal mouseholes are plugged, including a
disclaimer about what might be construed as "adult" material.  It might
be a good idea to state that because of the free nature of debate and
the high academic level of the subject, that it is assumed that all
users and perusers of said archive are old enough and wise enough to
make sensible use of its contents, or more official words to that
effect.  I.e., we are assuming that you are over 18 and/or more
importantly that your Mummy will not sue us.  A friend of mine who is
much more cyber-conscious than I am ran this by me the other day and I
thought it was worthy of consideration.

Melissa D. Aaron
Dept. of English and Foreign Languages
California Polytechnic State University at Pomona

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