The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 12.1988  Tuesday, 14 August 2001

From:           Stephen Dobbin <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Monday, 13 Aug 2001 13:18:37 +0100 (BST)
Subject:        Caesar's Revenge

Mike Jensen, an apology - as demanded!

About ten days since went on holiday M Stephen Dobbin, leauing many
e-mails in sundry Listservers hands, among other his 'Caesar's Revenge:
In Defense of Sams', in which a letter written to diuers scholars, is
offensiuely and personally by one of them taken; for that it appeareth I
never wrote "what more proof does *one* need?"  but had in haste written
"what more proof do *you* need?" nor made it plaine that such
questioning hath been, for my  part, simple and sincere and not of that
abusive type called by nimble and dissembling speakers The Question

Next, he taketh my innocent remark concerning "keeping an open mind
about Shakespeare's hand in its authorship" and wilfully forges in his
own conceit a living Scholar toward whom some accusation of closed minde
must perforce be directed: and after tossing it to and fro, no remedy,
but it must light on himselfe.

Now I haue, all the time of my perusing in SHAKSPER, smiled at the
bitter inueying of scholler against scholler, n'er dreaming that such a
one should stoop to loose his shaftes at me. Indeed, with him that takes
offence I am not acquainted, but when hee came seyking the opinion of
the common herde on "KindHall's 'Dream'" did offer him such faire wordes
(and from him received such thanks) as might, methinks, have given him
pause to wonder whether the heate he now imagined in my writing issued,
rather, from the banked fires of his scholarly ego more than from my

Yet foror mine own (all inadvertente) parte, I am as sory as if the
originall fault had beene my fault, because my selfe haue followed his
e-mails no lesse ciuill (well, almoste) than he excellent in the
qualitie he professes: Besides, diuers of worship haue reported his
uprightness of dealing, which argues his honesty, and his facetious
grace in writting, that aprooues his Art.

Stephen Dobbin (with apologies to Henry Chettle)

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