The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 12.2027  Wednesday, 22 August 2001

From:           Vick Bennison <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Tuesday, 21 Aug 2001 16:18:31 EDT
Subject: 12.2001 Re: Funeral Elegy
Comment:        Re: SHK 12.2001 Re: Funeral Elegy

But sure, I'll play the pointless game.  I've added quotes from
Shakespeare's works.  For some I found better parallels than others and
included more when no single one was much of a match.  - Vick

Elegy:  by seeming reason underpropped
CBS:  which life, death underprops
Sh: Which of them both should underprop her fame

Elegy:  Now runs the method of this doleful song
CBS: Set then the tenor of thy doleful song
Sh:  Here's one to a very doleful tune,
Sh:  Who chants a doleful hymn to his own death,

Elegy:  a rock of friendship figured in his name
CBS:  a rock of torment, which affliction bears
Sh: yet my duty, as doth a rock against the
        chiding flood,
Sh: The worthy fellow is our general: he's the rock, the
    oak not to be wind-shaken.
Sh:  Hath hurt me more than had he killed me dead:
    For now I stand as one upon a rock
    Environed with a wilderness of sea,

Elegy:  That lives encompassed in a mortal frame
CBS:  For whiles encompassed in a fleshly frame
Sh:  Some bloody passion shakes your very frame
Sh:  this composed wonder of your frame
Sh:  Be my last breathing in this mortal world!
Sh:  Thou hadst but power over his mortal body
Sh:  When we have shuffled off this mortal coil,
Sh:  in the body of this fleshly land

Elegy:  Unhappy matter of a mourning style
CBS:  The happy matter of a moving style
Sh:  it is a hard matter for friends to meet
Sh:  doleful matter merrily set down
Sh:  such vile matter So fairly bound
Sh:  This something-settled matter in his heart
Sh:  And pick strong matter of revolt and wrath
Sh:  the action of her familiar style
Sh:  soon won with moving words

Elegy:  So in his mischiefs is the world accurs'd:
 It picks out matter to inform the worst.
CBS:  For so is prone mortality accursed,
 As still it strives to plot and work the worst
Sh: And take thou this!' O thoughts of men accursed!
 Past and to come seems best; things present worst.

Elegy:  But tasted of the sour-bitter scourge,
 Of torture and affliction
CBS:  Drew comfort from the sour-bitter gall,
 Of his afflictions
Sh:  Heart's discontent and sour affliction
Sh:     Gall! bitter.

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