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From:           Marcia Eppich <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Friday, 6 Jul 2001 12:27:49 -0500
Subject:        Macbett

Hello all,

I just finished reading Eugene Ionesco's Macbett, and I thought it was
great. Does anyone know of any video productions that may be available.
Yes, I have checked Poor Yorick's catalog, but to no avail. I'll be
checking with some local universities too, but was just wondering if
anyone had seen it.  I'm sure that it is probably funnier in a live
audience, but I laughed outright several times when I read it.

I thought that one of the most wonderful parts of Macbett was the
witch/Lady Duncan/Lady Macbett doubling. What a great concept. When
writing a paper about Macbeth, I had contended that in Macbeth that Lady
Macbeth was, herself, a great witch, but my thesis advisor dismissed
this idea as somewhat childish, since women of nobility would not have
been accused of witchcraft during the Renaissance. But when I first read
Macbeth, Lady Macbeth immediately reminded me of the bad queen in Snow
White and the Seven Dwarfs. Again, a childish reminder, but the
conjuring scenes in Snow White and in Lady Macbeth's "come spirits of
the night" certainly seem similar to me.

Also of interest in Ionesco's play are the small references to other
Shakespeare works. "Brave new world" appears in there, as well as, I
think, a reference or two to other plays. Very interesting read.


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