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From:           Tanya Gough <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Thursday, 12 Jul 2001 21:50:10 -0400 (EDT)
Subject:        Hamlet Haiku Winners

Here are the winners of Poor Yorick's Hamlet Haiku contest.  All of the
entries we received can be viewed on-line at www.bardcentral.com.  Just
click on your local region and then on the Ethan Hawke Hamlet image on
the main page.

Sadly, the Hamlet Haiku contest didn't generate the same enthusiasm as
the Titus Limericks, but luckily for our contestants, there are enough
posters to go around, so everyone who entered will receive an Ethan
Hawke Hamlet poster.

In the event a single person submitted more than 10 haiku, we accepted
the first 10 only, and the remainder were not considered for this

Note that where there were a preponderance of Lavinia limericks last
autumn, Ophelia is the queen of the hour this time around.  Only two
references to Yorick, but we won't take it personally.

That said, here are the winners:

FIRST PRIZE: 1 Ethan Hawke Hamlet DVD; 1 $15 gift certificate and 1

Peter McCluskey, USA

Behind the arras
Polonius hears the sound
Of one hand stabbing.

Peter wins for his deft combination of original plot elements with
reference to the classic zen koan, with sublime comic results.  Huzzah!

We were unable to decide on a second place winner, so we are doubling
the second prize winnings and awarding both of the following

SECOND PRIZE: (2 prizes, each) 1 $15.00 gift certificate and 1 poster

Marcus Marti, Switzerland

garlands in the brook
hoary leaves in glassy stream
a body floating

Marcus's Haiku wins for its poetic language - the contrast of hoary
leaves and the glassy stream, the pleasantry of the floating garlands
opposed by the body at the opposite end of the poem - and for adherence
to Haiku form in which the final line changes the meaning and focus
introduced in the first two descriptive lines.  Quite beautiful and

Pervez Rizvi, UK


No ghost from the grave
troubles me.  Revenge can be

The word "uncomplicated" in this haiku provides depth of meaning within
absolute simplicity.  My Japanese tea ceremony teacher would have loved


The Brief Synopsis Award:  Lori Cole

The prince of Denmark,
Says, "To be or not to be"
They all die, The End.

The Thanks for Using Our Logo Award:  Alex Morf, USA

Haiku of Hamlet's Transformation:

The skull of his friend
stares back from his outstretched palm.
Death becomes comrade.

The Sound of Conspiracy Award:  Rosie Tennent, UK

It hangs in the air,
No-one dares to speak the truth,
Dark whispers and lies.

The Maybe You Should Wash Award:  Marcus Marti, Switzerland

time is out of joint
still your fingers on your lips
something is rotten

The Both Hands Clapping Award:  Graeme Tennent, UK

It looks like curtains
for the cast at Elsinore
The rest is silence

The Yet Anther Ophelia Award:  Shannon Murray, Canada

He is dead and gone--
I found rue and rosemary
But violets withered.

The "Ay, There's the Rub" Award:  Pervez Rizvi, UK


In that bitter cold
swearing to avenge a death
you lost your own life.

The Just One More Ophelia Award:  Rosie Tennent, UK

Floating with flowers
On a pillow of water
Ophelia sings.

Many thanks to all who entered.

Tanya Gough

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