The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 12.1823  Friday, 20 July 2001

From:           Graham Hall <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Thursday, 19 Jul 2001 19:40:09 +0000
Subject:        Size Matters with Sharp Pointy Things.

I must indeed, as counseled, get around to reading JC. Someone told me
that the weapon sequence from assassination to suicides according to the
text is sword - dagger - sword. I blame the confusing length of those
Roman thingies myself. Antony and Brutus can surely be excused on
account of stress.

Ditto with reading how Hamlet settles the hash of Claudius. That "Hurts
the King" s.d. Q1/Folio discrepancy mentioned to me by someone in the
Windmill at Stratford sounds worth the peruse when I find my spectacles.
Possibly the Folio intention is that he hits him with the goblet...I
must get a hold of a copy of the play and attempt to resolve this

Last night's costume mix during JC (Hitler Youth/Fascists/Cosacks/Sumai
Wrestlers/Romans) at the RST distracted my attention from all the
stabbing I fear, so I was not able to note what our premier theatre
takes to be the weapon of choice be it for purposes of suicide or
homicide. Doing a Duce with Cinna the poet was a pleasing diversion from
the norm however. But at least there were no revolvers as was the case
for disposing of Polonius not so long ago in one of the Hamlets I saw.

Best wishes,
Graham Hall
"Farewell, and come with better music"

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