The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 12.1324  Friday, 1 June 2001

From:           Graham Hall <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Friday, 01 Jun 2001 11:18:25 -0000
Subject:        The time has been...

Macbeth, at yesterday's Bankside Globe production and plagued by the
hovering Metropolitan Police (although I may malign them!)helicopter,
went extempore with "Death to all helicopters" and a nice link to
"infected be the air whereon they ride". The clatter of helicopters is
common during the Globe's plays and perhaps, in other times such
intrusions would have led to oportunistic lines being incorporated in
the text - given the cheer it got yesterday. Without opening the long
debate on clocks and Julius Caesar, I direct attention to Steve Sohmer
in his marvellous "Shakespeare's Mystery Play " making the point about
the appropriate clock question falling (if delivery speed is calculated)
as St Paul's struck the hour. So I am not so certain, as someone has
suggested, that Shakespeare's peers would have ribbed him about it. The
discerning might have fainted in awe.

Which leads me to tea time. It used to accommodate the gap between
closing and opening time of an afternoon in the twentieth century due to
the ludicrous licensing hours forced upon pubs (and which are now being
removed in the light of a century of complaints for American tourists;
for this relief etc.)Rupert Brooke with his "ten to three" and "honey
for tea" was perhaps not linking the two directly but I would have
thought ruminating on change; The Church clock is still bust and there's
no change in the conserve on the crumpet. Drinking in the timeless Pink
and Lily at Lacey Green over a period provided me this conclusion. So he
may have been thinking the same as he supped his Berliner Weis.

Which places "two hours' traffic"- along the lines of "I waited ages for
a bus" or "I'm dying for a beer" but which, like van Buchell's sketch of
De Witt's drawing has been milked more furiously than a ten year old

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