The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 12.1450  Monday, 11 June 2001

From:           R. G. Siemens <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Saturday, 09 Jun 2001 07:09:39 -0700
Subject:        Festschrift Announcement: Essays to Honour Paul G. Stanwood

Announcing . . .

                               Wrestling with God
              Literature & Theology in the English Renaissance

                    Essays to Honour Paul Grant Stanwood
               Edited by Mary Ellen Henley and W. Speed Hill
                    with the assistance of R.G. Siemens

        Early Modern Literary Studies Special Issue 7 (May, 2001)

** Available at:   http://purl.oclc.org/emls/si-07/si-07toc.htm

** Contents

          Paul Stanwood's Bread.  A poem by X. J. Kennedy.


        * Wrestling with God: Introduction.  [1].  Mary Ellen Henley,
          University of British Columbia.

        * Donne, Herbert, and the Worm of Controversy.  [2].  Louis L.
          Martz, Yale University.

        * "The Virtue and Discipline" of Wrestling with God [Henry
          Vaughan and Lord Herbert of Cherbury].  [3].  John T.
          Shawcross, University of Kentucky.

        * The Core of Elizabethan Religion.  [4].  John E. Booty,
          Historiographer of the Episcopal Church, USA.

        * W[illiam] S[hakespeare]'s A Funeral Elegy and the Donnean
          Moment.  [5].  Claude J. Summers, University of

        * The Devotional Flames of William Austin.  [6].  Graham
          Parry, University of York.

        * John Donne's "Lamentations" and Christopher Fetherstone's
          Lamentations . . . in prose and meeter (1587).  [7].
          Ted-Larry Pebworth, University of Michigan-Dearborn.

        * "The strangest pageant, fashion'd like a court": John Donne
          and Ben Jonson to 1600 -- Parallel Lives.  [8].  William F.
          Blissett, University College, University of Toronto.

        * "I launch at paradise and saile toward home": The Progresse
          of the Soule as Palinode.  [9].  Wyman H. Herendeen,
          University of Houston.

        * "I have often such a sickly inclination": Biography and the
          Critical Interpretation of Donne's Suicide Tract,
          Biathanatos.  [10].  R. G. Siemens, Malaspina

        * "Witness this Booke, (thy Embleme)": Donne's Holy Sonnets
          and Biography.  [11].  Diana Trevi 

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