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From:           Tanya Gough <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Friday, January 11, 2002 3:57 PM
Subject:        BBC Series Has Arrived

                The BBC Shakespeare Series is now available!

Finally, after much cajoling and begging, the BBC Shakespeare series has
arrived!  Poor Yorick is pleased to be able to offer the entire series
on either VHS video (North American format) or DVD.

Full Set (37 titles):
$1000.00 USD ($1500.00 CDN if ordering within Canada)

Individual titles:
(see full listing below)
$34.95 USD ($52.99 Canadian if ordering within Canada) each

Orders received by January 18th will ship on or before January 25th.  If
you have already reserved titles, you will receive a separate e-mail for

Orders can be placed online (www.bardcentral.com), by phone
(519-272-1999), by fax (519-272-0979) or by mail (P.O. Box 21146,
Stratford, Ontario Canada N5A 7V4).

Many thanks to all who have helped make this happen.

Tanya Gough

Poor Yorick - Shakespeare Multimedia Catalog
P.O. Box 21146
Stratford, Ontario
Canada N5A 7V4

*NEW* Toll-Free # in Canada and the US: 1-877-967-4252
(519) 272-1999 (voice)
(519) 272-0979 (fax)
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About the Series:

All's Well That Ends Well (1981)

A young countess takes on a disguise to teach her husband respect and
the value of honesty in relationships. Starring Ian Charleson, Angela
Down and Celia Johnson. 141 minutes.

Antony And Cleopatra  (1981)

Jane Lapotaire's remarkable characterization of Cleopatra has made this
BBC video a timeless favorite.  This historical tragedy shows what
happens when passion, obsession and fame interact with political
leadership.  171 minutes.

As You Like It (1979)

When a duke's daughter is forced to flee her foster home, she escapes
into the forest of Arden disguised as a boy, where she not only learns
about love, but teaches the object of her affection how to love her in
return.  Stars Helen Mirren, Brian Stirner and Richard Pasco. 150

Comedy of Errors (1984)

In this comedy of mistaken identity, twin sons and their twin servants
have been separated since infancy and suddenly find themselves thrust
together by fate.  Costuming, direction and, of course, music are
beautifully handled. Stars Roger Daltrey (of the Who), Michael Kitchen
and Cyril Cusack.  l09 minutes.

Coriolanus (1983)

In this tragedy focusing on reputation, martial worth and pride,
Coriolanus finds that experience on the battlefield has no place when
confronted with diplomacy and fate.  Stars Alan Howard and Irene Worth.
145 minutes.

Cymbeline (1983)

In this Romeo and Juliet-meets-Othello-meets-As You Like It tale, the
Princess Imogen is forced to flee her home in disguise when Posthumus,
the man she married in secret, tries to have her killed when convinced
she has been unfaithful to him.  To make matters worse, her father has
betrothed her unwittingly to his new wife's son.  She then discovers her
long lost brothers, who had been kidnapped as children.  Complications
ensue as the Roman army advances.   Starring Claire Bloom, Richard
Johnson and Helen Mirren. 174 minutes.

Hamlet  (1979)

Derek Jacobi's definitive Hamlet struggles with truth and justice in the
wake of his father's death and his mother's subsequent remarriage to his
father's brother.  A richly costumed production.  222 minutes.

Henry IV, Part I (1980)

The boisterous Falstaff leads Prince Hal, the heir to the throne,
through London's lowlife taverns. As the young prince wastes his youth,
a civil war threatens the monarchy. Starring Jon Finch, Anthony Quayle,
David Gwillim.  147 minutes.

Henry IV, Part II (1980)

Henry IV, having gained the throne, grapples with the deceit by which he
gained the crown and its subsequent effects on his authority.  Stars Jon
Finch, Anthony Quayle, David Gwillim.  151 minutes.

Henry V (1980)

Having banished Falstaff along with his youthful decadence, King Henry V
rechannels his excessive nature into military discipline as he sets out
to expand England's authority over France. Starring David Gwillim, Rob
Edwards, Martin Neil.
163 minutes.

Henry VI, Part I

The peace between England and France proves unsustainable after the
death of Henry V, and conflicts between the houses of York and Lancaster
further disrupt the stability of English rule in France.  Upon the
urging of Joan of Arc, the French king Charles VII sets out to reclaim
his lands.  Starring Peter Benson, Trevor Peacock. 185 minutes.

Henry VI, Part II

The young and inexperienced Henry VI marries Lady Margaret of Anjou,
whose lover the Duke of Suffolk helps her to plot against Humphrey, Duke
of Gloucester.  At the same time, Richard Plantaganet begins to position
himself to inherit the crown, while Jack Cade leads an ill-fated
insurrection. Starring Peter Benson, Julia Foster.  212 minutes.

Henry VI, Part III

As the struggle for power draws to a conclusion, Henry secedes the crown
to Richard of York, who is then brutally murdered by Margaret of Anjou.
Richard's son Edward VI becomes king, but is undermined when he marries
a widow rather than the Princess of France, and the country falls
further into anarchy.  Starring Peter Benson and Bernard Hill.  210

Henry VIII

Unable to conceive an heir by his wife, Katherine, King Henry VIII sets
out to divorce her and marry Anne Bullen (Boleyn), against the decree of
the Roman Catholic church, while various players attempt to manipulate
the king and reposition themselves at court. Stars Claire Bloom, John
Stride, Julian Glover. 165 minutes.

Julius Caesar

Attempting to protect Rome from tyrannical rule, a group of conspirators
set out to assassinate the dictator Caesar.  Among them Brutus must
struggle with the conflict of murdering his friend for the stability of
Rome.  Starring Richard Pasco, Keith Michell and Charles Gray as
Caesar.  161 minutes.

King John

In this story of illegitimacy, a bastard son attempts to overthrow the
King, who has himself manipulated his way to the throne.  Stars Claire
Bloom, Mary Morris. 120 minutes.

King Lear

Crisply paced, with an exemplary cast, this production follows the fate
of a king who, "captures...the searing power of an old and powerful man
realizing he is a fool" (New York Times).  Starring Michael Hodern, John
Shrapnel, Anton Lesser. 185 minutes.

Love's Labour's Lost

A splendid satire, with some of Shakespeare's best early poetry.  A
group of noblemen sign a pact, promising to devote themselves to study
and to avoid the company of women.  Enter the Princess of France and her
ladies-in-waiting...  With Jonathan Kent, David Warner, Jenny Agutter.
120 minutes.


Told by a trio of witches that he is fated to become King of Scotland,
the warrior Macbeth, aided by his wife, murders his king and assumes the
throne. Starring Nicol Williamson and Jane Lapotaire.  148 minutes.

Measure for Measure

With her brother condemned to die for the crime of engaging in
premarital sex, Isabella is torn between her vows to God and her desire
to save her brother. The New York Times says "Kate Nelligan is the image
of idealized faultlessness." 145 minutes.

Merchant of Venice

An old moneylender, having suffered from prejudice, attempts to extract
a cruel revenge on a young man forced to seek assistance from him.
Starring Warren Mitchell, Gemma Jones.  157 minutes.

Merry Wives of Windsor

Queen Elizabeth herself is said to have requested the return of
Falstaff...  reportedly wanting to see him in love. What Shakespeare
gave Her Majesty instead was Falstaff's attempt to recoup his fortunes
by seducing two respectable wives of affluent Windsor husbands. This
most amiable play depicts the sturdy middle class, rarely found amid
Shakespeare's milieu of aristocrats. Stars Ben Kingsley, Richard
Griffiths.  167 minutes.

A Midsummer Night's Dream

An extraordinary production of an enduring comedy in which a two pairs
of lovers find themselves entangled in the wake of a fairy domestic
dispute.  The strong cast features Helen Mirren and Peter McEnery, Pippa
Sward, Brian Clover and Phil Daniel. 112 minutes.

Much Ado About Nothing

A group of friends conspire to bring a confirmed bachelor and a sharp
witted woman together.  A delightfully spirited production.  Starring
Robert Lindsay and Cherie Lunghi. 120 minutes.


In this play about suspicion, jealousy and reputation, a great general
is manipulated by a fellow soldier to think his wife has been
unfaithful.  Star Anthony Hopkins says, "Othello is the part I've always
most wanted to play:'  Also with Bob Hoskins as Iago.  208 minutes.


Scholars agree that Shakespeare collaborated on this dramatic romance.
The Prince of Tyre, who flees upon discovering his King in an incestuous
relationship. Starring Mike Gwilym and Amanda Redman. 177 minutes.

Richard II

A stellar cast includes Derek Jacobi, Sir John Gielgud, and Dame Wendy
Hiller, Jon Finch and Charles Gray. 157 minutes.

Richard III

A huge success in its day, this play centers around the character of
Richard, shown here as a Villain who usurps the crown. Stars Ron Cook.
228 minutes.

Romeo and Juliet

A "hit" for over 400 years. It expresses love in its infinite variety
more than any other work in the English language. Stars Sir John
Gielgud, Rebecca Saire, Patrick Ryecart. 167 minutes.

Taming of the Shrew

John Cleese, of Monty Python, portrays Petruchio to unanimous acclaim:
"an object lesson in serving Shakespeare to a present-day audience."
This comic confrontation between the sexes is filled with sparkling wit
and rich characterization. 127 minutes.

The Tempest

A timeless stage on an enchanted island. An exiled Duke and two young
lovers encounter the occult, finding good and evil in their own
natures.  Starring Christopher Guard, Michael Hodern. 150 minutes.

Timon of Athens

Choice says "recommended version of a difficult yet interesting play."
In his most cynical work, Shakespeare explores money, its Virtues and
Vices.  Stars Jonathan Pryce, Norman Rodway and John Shrapnel. 128

Titus Andronicus

This tragedy draws on brutal Roman mythology. Stars Eileen Atkins,
Trevor Peacock. 120 minutes.

Troilus And Cressida

Says Choice, "this Video is simply excellent, a valuable resource to
anyone teaching the play." Stars Anton Lesser, Suzanne Burden. 190

Twelfth Night

With practical jokes, poetry and haunting songs, this is the most subtle
of Shakespeare's comedies. Starring Alec McCowen, Trevor Peacock and
Felicity Kendall. 124 minutes.

Two Gentlemen of Verona

In Shakespeare's earliest attempt at romantic comedy, two friends fall
in love with Silvia. Stars John Hudson, Joanne Pearce. 137 minutes.

Winter's Tale

A theme that occupied Shakespeare later in life: reconciliation. Wrongs
committed by one generation are made right by the next. Starring Jeremy
Kemp, Anna Calder-Marshall. Debbie Farrington and Margaret Tyzack. 173

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