The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 13.0959  Friday, 5 April 2002

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Date:           Thursday, 4 Apr 2002 15:59:11 -0600
Subject: 13.0931 Re: Film and Other Adaptations
Comment:        Re: SHK 13.0931 Re: Film and Other Adaptations

Brian Willis writes,

> The point being, sports has become the visceral, vicarious and
> first-hand experience that war used to be, especially in the States. And
> to make war become high school basketball translates well in Tim Blake
> Nelson's "O".

Not contradict his point about sports (as a visceral Laker fan he must
be correct about many things), but war seems to have changed in the
place called Vietnam. If you look at the popular paperback shelves in
bookstores, you will find scores of memoirs and histories of various
glamorous (if you will) occupations during that war: Seals, Lurps,
chopper pilots, Air Cav "blues," Green Berets, and what have you.

My intuitive sense of this phenomenon is that that war returned to a
much more individualized kind of fighting which in turn recalled the
sense of the heroic (also, if you will) that massed armies destroyed.

Don't think that I am praising the war, or glamorizing it, but merely
trying to understand what I take to be a social phenomenon. And a
psychological one, for it haunts the memories of many from that era,
even those who, like me, never got closer than five thousand miles to
shots fired in anger.


PS: My sense of war and sports is that they have always shared both an
intensification of life and a powerful sense of cameraderie, as well as
a justification for anger and hate. d.a.b.

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