The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 13.1226  Thursday, 2 May 2002

From:           Wolfram R. Keller <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Thursday, 02 May 2002 09:38:09 +0200
Subject: Re: Shakespearean Self-Quotation
Comment:        SHK 13.1151 Re: Shakespearean Self-Quotation

John Velz wrote:

> I recall that Virgil K. Whitaker gave a very fine paper called
> "Shakespeare's Rough Drafts" at the Marlowe/Shakespeare Festival at Rice
> University in 1964, that year of Sh. festivals. The thesis of this paper
> was that we can detect in early plays "drafts" of things that appear
> later in the canon.  Probably it was published in *Rice University
> Studies* eventually.

First of all, to both of you, many thanks for your kind and quick
replies. I put in an interlibrary loan for the 1964/65/66 issues of
*Rice University Studies*. It sounds as though Whitaker's essay might be
very helpful indeed.

Clifford Stetner wrote:

> I'm not sure what you mean by self quotation. If this example of echoes
> of sonnet verses in play dialogue qualifies, then I believe there are
> many.
> 1HIV 1.2
>      Yet herein will I imitate the sun, [...]

> 34
> [1]     {VV}Hy did{{s}t} thou promi{s}e {s}uch a beautious day,
> [2]     And make me trauaile forth without my cloake,
> [3]     To let bace cloudes ore-take me in my way,
> [4]     Hiding thy brau'ry in their rotten {s}moke.
> [5]     Tis not enough that through the cloude thou breake,
> 56
> [13]       As cal it Winter,which being ful of care,
> [14]       Makes S|_o|mers welcome,thrice more wi{{s}h}'d,more rare:
> 52
> [5]     Therefore are fea{{s}t}s {s}o {s}ollemne and {s}o rare,
> [6]     Since {{s}i}ldom comming in the long yeare {s}et,
> [7]     Like {{s}t}ones of worth they thinly placed are,
> Clifford

Yes! I am both interested in the intertextual oscillation between
sonnets/poems and plays or plays and plays. I was able to locate
self-quotative bits and pieces scattered in biographical works, but my
main question, I guess, is whether anyone has systematically identified
cases of self-quotation/echoes and analysed these concerning matters
beyond establishing a chronology of works. I am thinking along the lines
of career models, ideological transformations, self-subverting irony,

Yours thankfully,

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