The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 13.2085  Wednesday, 16 October 2002

From:           Clifford Stetner <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Tuesday, 15 Oct 2002 12:04:46 -0400
Subject:        John Kerrigan's Intro

Dear all:

John Kerrigan's Intro to the New Penguin edition of The Sonnets claims
that it "...has recently been noticed, the clock which chimes the twelve
hours of the day is first invoked in Sonnet 12, and Sonnet 60 describes
the 'minutes' which, in sixties, make up hours" (42).

Can this be? Did nobody notice this in the past? When I set out to
memorize the sonnets (I'm up to 82), these were among a number of
essential mnemonic devices (I now hesitate to identify the rest).
Especially for William Sutton whose recent show in Scotland involved
reciting numbered sonnets on demand, are not such numbering allusions
evident throughout the cycle? For everyone else, if such obvious
components of Shakespeare 

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