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From:           Thomas Larque <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Sunday, 2 Feb 2003 20:13:01 -0000
Subject:        Research on Anna Jameson

I am currently doing some research on Anna Jameson and her
"Characteristics of Women" (otherwise known as "Shakespeare's Heroines",
originally published in 1832, parts of which I have published on my
webpage - see http://shakespearean.org.uk/oph1-jam.htm).  I may have a
deadline of mid-February for some of this work, and am - naturally -
working under the assumption that the deadline will appear, which gives
me just two weeks to complete my research.

I would be very grateful to hear (on-list or by personal E-Mail) from
anybody who has an interest in Anna Jameson's work.  In particular, does
anybody know of any passing references to Anna Jameson's Shakespearean
criticism - whether positive or negative - that I may not have come
across? -  particularly in the work of feminist scholars, actors, or
writers on Shakespeare's female characters (I believe that I have been
able to locate most of the major books and articles that deal with
Jameson as an explicit subject, but assume that there are mentions of
her in passing in other material that would be harder to locate - I have
already found useful material in a 1911 encyclopaedia and have been
pointed towards Ruskin's autobiography for example).  I am particularly
interested in information that would show whether Jameson's work has had
any direct impact on modern feminist criticism or modern readings of
Shakespeare's women.

Also, there are a number of journal articles that I would like to look
at which are not available at the two University libraries that I have
access to (University of London and University of Kent).  Only one of
these is vital to my work, as I have read a summary of its contents in
Kolin's bibliography of Feminist Criticism, and know that there is a
section that I wish to read and quote.  I was hoping that somebody with
access to these journals might be willing to scan the article(s) and
send them to me by E-Mail (at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

These articles are for personal research purposes, and I will - of
course - not be quoting more in my work than is allowed by fair-use
regulations, so I hope that this would not be considered a breach of

The article that I am most desperate to get hold of is:

1) from the journal "South Atlantic Bulletin":
Greenfield, Thomas A.  "Excellent Things in Women: The Emergence of
Cordelia" [journal article] South Atlantic Bulletin: a Quarterly Journal
Devoted to Research & Teaching in the Modern Languages and Literatures.
42(1):44-52.  1977.  Chapel Hill, NC.

Other articles that I would like to read, but which I am less desperate
to see are:

2) from the journal "Atlantis"
Thomas, Clar.  "Heroinism, Feminism and Humanism: Anna Jameson to
Margaret Laurence" [journal article] Atlantis (Wolfville, N.S.).
4(1):19-29.  1978.

3) from the journal "Biography - An Interdisciplinary Quarterly"
Johnston, Judith.  "The Hero as Woman of Letters: Anna Jameson Revises
Her Girlhood" [journal article] Biography - An Interdisciplinary
Quarterly. 22(4):517-32.  1999 Fall.

4) from the journal "The Humanities Association Review"
Thomas, Clar.  "Anna Jameson and Nineteenth Century Taste" [journal
article] The Humanities Association Review / La Revue de L'Association
des Humanities.  17(1):53-61.  1966.  Kingston, Ontario, Canada.

If anybody was willing to copy these articles, then I would be very
grateful if they would contact me by E-Mail (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).

Thomas Larque.

"Shakespeare and His Critics"

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