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Subject:        Call for Reviewers: NETJ

for the

New England Theatre Journal (a publication of the New England Theatre
Conference) invites Book Reviews for its year 2003 edition. A refereed
publication, New England Theatre Journal is concerned with advancing the
study and practice of theatre and drama by printing articles of the
highest quality on a broad range of subjects, including traditional
scholarship, performance theory, pedagogy, and articles on theatre
performance, design and technology.

NETJ prints two types of Book Reviews: Full reviews (1000 words) and
Briefly Noted (175-200 words each). Following are listed books
available for either type and a few that are offered only for  Brief
notice (indicated by an "*" ).

If you are interested in being considered as a prospective Reviewer for
NETJ, please contact the Book Reviews Editor: Alycia Smith-Howard,
Ph.D., Mount Holyoke College (email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.). Please
indicate your preferred title(s) for review, a brief outline of your
qualifications and your snail-mail address.

The deadline for Book Review submissions is May 15, 2002. All
contributions to NETJ should conform to MLA Handbook guidelines. Reviews
should be judicious and informative - total pans will not be accepted.

Billingham Peter. Theatre of Conscience 1939-53. A Study of Four Touring
British Community Theatres. London: Routledge, 2002. 156 pp

Blumenfeld, Robert. Accents. A Manual for Actors. New York: Limelight,
2002. 415 pp

* Carilli, Theresa. Familial Circles. Toronto: Guernica, 2001. 96 pp

Carlyon, David. Dan Rice. New York: Public Affairs, 2001. 416 pp

Chapman, Vernon. Who's in the Goose Tonight? An Anecdotal History of
Canadian Theatre. Toronto: ECW Press, 2001. 602 pp

* Chekhov, Anton. Uncle Vanya. (trans.) Curt Columbus  Chicago, IL: Ivan
R. Dee, 2002. 78 pp

Coppa, Francesca. Joe Orton. A Casebook. New York: Routledge, 2003. 166

Fallon, Robert Thomas. A Theatergoer's Guide to Shakespeare's Themes.
Chicago: Ivan R. Dee, 2002. 258 pp

Feinberg, Anat. Embodied Memory. The Theatre of George Tabori. Iowa
City, Iowa: University of Iowa Press, 1999. 346 pp

Fesmire, Julia A. (ed.) Beth Henley. A Casebook. New York: Routledge,
2002.153 pp

Fisher, James. The Theater of Tony Kushner. Living Past Hope. New York:
Routledge, 2001. 265 pp

Gaines, James F. (ed.) The Moliere Encyclopedia. Westport, CT:
Greenwood, 2002, 523 pp

Mason, Jeffrey and J. Ellen Gainor. (eds.) Performing America. Cultural
Nationalism in American Theater.  Ann Arbor: University of Michigan
Press, 1999. 237 pp

Ganzl, Kurt. Lydia Thompson. Queen of Burlesque. New York: Routledge,
2002. 221 pp

Ganzl, Kurt. William B. Gill. From the Goldfields to Broadway. New York:
Routledge, 2002. 280 pp

George, David. Theatre in Madrid and Barcelona 1892-1936. Cardiff:
University of Wales Press, 2002. 179 pp

Grippo, Charles. The Stage Producer's Business and Legal Guide. New
York, Allworth Press: 2002. 222 pp

Haedicke, Susan C. and Nellhaus, Tobin (eds.) Performing Democracy.
International Perspectives on Urban Community-Based Peformances. Ann
Arbor, Michigan: University of Michigan Press, 2002. 346 pp

Harding, Frances (ed.). The Performance Arts in Africa. A Reader.
London: Routledge, 2002. 357 pp

Harris, Susan Cannon. Gender and Modern Irish Drama. Bloomington,
Indiana: Indiana University Press, 2002. 272 pp

Herrington, Joan. (ed.) The Playwright's Muse. New York: Routledge,
2002. 292 pp

Holderness, Graham. Visual Shakespeare. Essays in film and television.
Hatfield, England: University of Hertfordshire Press, 2002. 196 pp

Knowles, Ric. The Theatre of Form and the Production of Meaning.
Contemporary Canadian Dramaturgies. Toronto: ECW Press, 1999. 228 pp

Lamb, Andrew. Leslie Stuart. The Man Who Composed Florodora. New York:
Routledge, 2002.  286 pp

* Lamedman, Debbie. 111 One-Minute Monologues. Young Actors Series.
Hanover NH: Smith, 2002.  117 pp

Lepidus, D. L. (ed.) Women Playwrights. The Best Plays of 2000. Hanover,
NH: Smith, 2002. 305 pp

Lepidus, D. L. (ed.) Women Playwrights. The Best Plays of 2001.
Hanover, NH: Smith, 2002. 274 pp

Lowenthal, Cynthia. Performing Identities on the Restoration Stage.
Carbondale, IL: Southern Illinois University Press, 2003.

McCarthy, Gerry. The Theatres of Moliere. New York: Routledge, 2002. 214

* Mann, Abby. Judgment at Nuremberg. New York: New Directions, 2002. 110

Mertz, Annelise (ed.) The Body Can Speak. Essays on Creative Movement
Education with Emphasis on Dance and Drama. Carbondale, IL: Southern
Illinois Press, 2002. 136 pp

Mulcahy, Lisa. Building the Successful Theater Company. New York:
Allworth Press, 2002. 231 pp

Ozieblo, Barbara and Miriam Lopez-Rodriguez. (eds.) Staging a Cultural
Paradigm. The Political and the Personal in American Drama. Brussels:
Peter Lang, 2002. 372 pp

Plunka, Gene A. The Black Comedy of John Guare. Newark, NJ: Associated
University Presses, 2002. 234 pp

Ramczyk, Suzanne M. Delicious Dissembling. A Compleat Guide to
Performing Restoration Comedy. Portsmouth, NH: Heinemann, 2002. 171 pp

Ruby, Thelma and Peter Frye. Double or Nothing. Two Lives in the
Theatre. The Autobiography of Thelma Ruby and Peter Frye. London: Janus,
1997. 327 pp

Schechner, Richard. Performance Studies. An Introduction. New York:
Routledge, 2002. 272 pp

Wilmer, S. E. Theatre, Society and the Nation. Staging American
Identities. Cambridge: CUP, 2002. 202 pp

Alycia Smith-Howard, Ph.D.,
Book Reviews Editor, New England Theatre Journal
Mount Holyoke College

Laura Blaguszewski
Editorial Assistant (Book Reviews), New England Theatre Journal
Mount Holyoke College

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