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From:           Bill Arnold <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Tuesday, 20 May 2003 07:56:57 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: 14.0983 Re: Hamlet and Grebanier
Comment:        Re: SHK 14.0983 Re: Hamlet and Grebanier

Kenneth Chan writes, "I am intrigued by Bill Arnold's long and strong
support for Grebanier's work; yet I have heard hardly anything about
what Grebanier actually said.  I also wonder why Grebanier's arguments
are not being discussed - that, to me, is a real shame.  Unfortunately I
do not have access to Grebanier's book at the moment, so I hope Bill
Arnold would allow me a simple question on this: Would he consider the
quote below an accurate account of Grebanier's work?:  "Bernard
Grebanier wrote a book titled The Heart of Hamlet, which argues that
Hamlet neither procrastinates nor pretends to be mad, that he is
action-oriented and is constantly acting in the play - the antithesis of
all the other theories."

Thanks, Kenneth Chan, for making the obvious and the right assessment
about Bernard Grebanier's book The Heart of Hamlet: The Play Shakespeare
Wrote.  You are absolutely correct, "it is a real shame" that his
"arguments are not being discussed."

And yes, to my read of Grebanier, he does seem to argue as you suggest
above.  Haven't I made that clear in my posts?  SHAKSPER has an
archives, and they can be searched for Grebanier.  I did that before I
began my thread, and noticed, as I recall, only two posts prior to mine
in the history of SHAKSPER.  And I have also said, repeatedly, that
Grebanier argues that HAMLET WAS NOT MAD.  Or insane.  Period.  You
really ought to read his TAKE on Ophelia!  He is right on.  And on
Polonius, he is right on.  And on Gertrude, he is right on.  And the
same can be said for Claudius, Horatio, and Laertes.  Have I said he was
also right about the Ghost?

As to your thesis, and others, that you and they do not have access to
Grebanier.  C'mon :)

I was accused by someone who was obviously lookin in the mirror of being
a "pompous ass" for my comments re: Grebanier.  Hey, look, ALL, we are
indeed SHAKSPEReans: and I assume that the one thousand five hundred of
us ALL do not need ME to lecture the list about not passing the
circulation desk on the way into the stacks of your nearest library.
Haven't any of you heard of "interlibrary loan"?  Sheesh.

I got an autographed copy of Grebanier's after Bill Lloyd alerted me to
the right book I remembered from the 1960s that I read in pursuing my
MFA at UMass-Amherst in English.  Hey: get a life, ALL!  Read Grebanier,
that IS: IF, and only if, you are interested in Hamlet, the play, and
Hamlet, the character, by Will Shakespeare.  I repeat: what Schoenbaum
is to Shakespeare's biography, Grebanier is to Shakespeare's Hamlet.
Now, I admit, little ole me, not being a Shakespearean scholar, but a
SHAKSPERean, is biting off a big chunk of your meat, scholars, in making
that assessment and bold statement.  But, ah heck, I stand by it!  Don't
like IT: read Grebanier, and find the flaw in his argument.  I asked for
that up front, eons ago.  You are the Shakespearean scholars, not me.  I
am only a humble student of Will Shakespeare.  And my enquiring mind
really wants to know the FLAW in Grebanier.  I CANNOT find IT!

For those interested, Bookfinder.com and Abebooks.com has used copies of
Grebanier at reasonable prices.  Don't ALL rush to buy the same books,
now :)

For the truly noble and principled among you, DO NOT PASS THE
door kick you in the arse as you leave the library.  VE-RI-TAS, as they
say in Harvard Library!

C'Monday, somebody, pick up the gauntlet.

Bill Arnold

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