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Date:           Friday, 5 Dec 2003 15:57:04 EST
Subject:        Ben Jonson Journal, vol. 10: Table of Contents and Special

To celebrate the publication of the tenth volume of the Ben Jonson
Journal, the publisher, Locust Hill Press, has agreed to offer all ten
volumes (normally $250) at a 20% discount ($200) to any person or
institution submitting a copy of this announcement with the order.

Subscriptions are $25/year postpaid for both individuals and libraries.
Subscribers outside the United States should add $12.00 (in U.S.
currency) for postage and handling (or $20 for delivery by air).
Subscriptions and business correspondence should be sent to: Locust Hill
Press, P.O. Box 260, West Cornwall, CT 06796. Tel. (860) 672-0060; Fax
(860) 672-4968; e-mail:
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

VOLUME 10 / 2003


Murray Roston
Volpone: Comedy or Mordant Satire

Peter Happe
Jonson's On-Stage Audiences: Spectaret populum ludis attentius ipsis

D. Heyward Brock
Ben Jonson's First Folio and the Textuality of his Masques at Court

Timothy Burbery
John Milton, Blackfriars Spectator?: "Elegia Prima" and Ben Jonson's The
Staple of News

Catherine A. Rockwood
Topicality and Dissent in Jonson's A Tale of a Tub

Travis Curtright
Sidney's Defense of Poetry: Ethos and The Ideas

John Mulryan
Tradition and the Individaul Talent: Shakespeare's and Jonson's
Appropriation of the Classics

Stanley Stewart
Shakespeares's Philosophy: Breaking the Silence

John Briggs
The Problem of Inartificial Proof: Othello Peers into Bacon's Universe

Cyndia Susan Clegg
Feared and Loved: Henry V and Machiavelli's Use of History:

James P. Bednarz
Between Collaboration and Rivalry: Dekker and Marston's Coactive Drama


Michael P. Jensen
Volpone Meets Matt Dillon: Jonson's Play Adapted for Gunsmoke


Quimby Melton
Recent Reviews of The Silent Woman and Eastward Ho!


Stanley Stewart
The Unbearable Slightness of Being: A Review of Anthony Low's Aspects of
Subjectivity: Society and Individuality from the Middle Ages to
Shakespeare and Milton

Anthony Low
Barbara K. Lewalski's The Life of John Milton: A Critical Biography.
Richard J. DuRocher's Milton Among the Romans: The Pedagogy and
Influence of Milton's Latin Curriculum. David Loewenstein's Representing
Revolution in  Milton and his Contemporaries: Religion, Politics, and
Polemics in Radical Puritanism


Peter Beal
Leah S. Marcus, Janel Mueller, and Mary Beth Rose's Elizabeth I:
Collected Works. Janel Mueller and Leah S. Marcus's Elizabeth I:
Autograph Compositions and Foreign Language Originals

Priscilla Finley
Peter C. Herman's Reading Monarchs Writing: The Poetry of Henry VIII,
Mary Stuart, Elizabeth I, and James VI/I

R.V. Young
Marc Berley's Reading the Renaissance: Ideas and Idioms from Shakespeare
to Milton

Robert C. Evans
Lukas Erne's Shakespeare as Literary Dramatist

John Mulryan
Catherine M.S. Alexander and Stanley Well's Shakespeare and Sexuality

Stephen Smith
Harold Bloom's Hamlet: Poems Unlimited

Paul J. Voss
Stephen W. Smith and Travis Curtright's Shakespeare's Last Play: Essays
in Literature and Politics

Stephanie Chamberlain
Natasha Korda's Shakespeare's Domestic Economies: Gender and Property in
Early Modern England. Kathryn Jacob's Marriage Contracts from Chaucer to
the Renaissance Age

AmiJo Comeford
Williamt St./ Clair and Irmgard Maasen's Conduct Literature for Women:

Robert Shenk
Dennis Quinn's Iris Exiled: A Synoptic History of Wonder

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