The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 14.1767  Wednesday, 10 September 2003

From:           Kenneth Campbell <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Tuesday, 09 Sep 2003 09:07:49 -0700
Subject: 14.1757 Determined to Be a Villain
Comment:        Re: SHK 14.1757 Determined to Be a Villain

R.III was Shakespeare's first attempt a tragedy.  Certainly the Greek
and Roman fates might have influenced his earliest attempt as they did
in R& J which projects a pair of star crossed lovers.

With, "Now is the winter of "our" discontent the royal "we" is invoked
ironically, which might be interpreted as the devil and I.

The content of the next 12 lines is a lament against the peacefulness of
Edward's reign.  Richard is at home on a horse at war but deformed on
his feet for peace. His argument is that since nobody want to f--- me
I'm going to f--- everyone.

After all, I was deformed in a womb :and then "sent" here before my
time. ( by a mother who was more concerned with fashion then with the
health of her child)

And therefore, (it is directed and concluded) since I cannot prove a
To entertain these fair well-spoken days,--
I am "determined" to prove a villain,
And hate the idle pleasures of these days.

It seems clear (Cause and effect), he means pre-determined.  If this is
the way you treat me then this is the way I will act.

"Dive thoughts down to my soul-- here Clarence comes" being the last
line.  Let me act from my true center.

(Webster's 1828 dictionary)  Soul: The spiritual, rational and immortal
substance in man, which distinguishes him from brutes; that part of man
which enables him to think and reason, and which renders him a subject
of moral government. The immortality of the soul is a fundamental
article of the christian system. Such is the nature of the human soul
that it must have a God, an object of supreme affection. The god in
thiscase being Satan  4.) There is some soul of goodness in things

That's one way of looken' at it, anyway.

J. Kenneth Campbell

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