The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 14.1154  Tuesday, 10 June 2003

From:           Abigail Quart <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Tuesday, 10 Jun 2003 01:51:34 -0400
Subject:        Pop Culture: A Shrewish Wedding on As The World Turns 6/6/03

Rosanna Cabot and Craig Montgomery come before a minister with his
daughter for her bridesmaid and the daughter's boyfriend (not Craig's
favorite) for best man.

Craig:        Love the dress.

Rosanna:  Just thought you should know what you're in for.

Minister:   Dearly beloved...

Rosanna:  I, Rosanna, put you, my darling Craig, on notice. I am no
blushing bride. I am no easy mark. I am on to you. And, if you ever try
to pull anything again, ever, this will be your last wedding before your
funeral.  It's the groom's turn now, Reverend.

Minister:   Yes, of course. Do you, Craig...

Craig:        Absolutely. I will keep my promise to take you on the ride
of your life.  I will keep you guessing and try your patience and I will
test your limits...

Minister:    This is highly irregular...

Rosanna:    I know. My darling always lies. This time he's telling the

Craig:        I promise you a bumpy ride full of chaos, c(couldn't catch
it).... what's some other terrible thing that starts with C...

Boyfriend/Best Man:    Craig.

Craig:        You better believe it. Rosanna, I give you all of me, the
good, the bad, the still pretty, because I love you. All right, padre,
do your worst.

Minister:    If you expect me to give my blessing...

Rosanna:    Oh for god's sake! I now pronounce us Rosanna and Craig.

Craig:        I dare you to stay with me til death do us part!

Rosanna:    You're on, Montgomery!

Craig:        Kiss me, Cabot!

And he sweeps her into his arms.

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