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Date:           Friday, 13 Jun 2003 12:07:10 -0400
Subject:        More Bardcore (Related) Films and TV

More Bardcore (Related) Films and TV

1. Best of Vanessa #1 (a compilation tape with a scene in which porn
star Vanessa del Rio is doing Romeo and Juliet) 1970s-80s. Video

2. Xplicitly Anal, with Jewel Valmont (later known as Ava Vincent, who's
in A Midsummer Night's Cream) doing some Macbeth. Dir. James D.
DiGiorgio. 1999.  VCA. 78 mins. DVD and video

3. Jail Babes #3 (a porn actress recites some Shakespeare)  1998 NuTech
Digital DVD

4. Taboo V (set in a theater, and a director asks "To cheat or not to
cheat?" He cheats.) dir. Kirdy Stevens. 1987.  VCA. DVD and video

5. Pick Up Lines #64 (balcony scene with Vanessa, no dialogue;
Shakespeare referenced on the backcover ad copy to relation to cover
star Fabian).  "The balcony of an oceanside suite brings out her deepest
sexuality. Shakespeare should have gottenia load of this kind of balcony
scene! "  2001. Silverstone Entertainment Productions.

6. An actress alternately named Shakespere and Shakespara appears in
Black Bad Girls 13 (2002) DVD-Video - Legend David Christopher -
Director, Producer, Writer,  and Amateur Angels 9 (2003) DVD-Video -
Adam & Eve ; Luc Wylder - Director

7.  Painting Pamela. Adriane Gold director . 1999.  Legend.  DVD.   In
one episode, the painter thinks he is Puck.

8.  Sodomania 33: Strange Days!  Patrick Collins - Producer and
Director. 2000.  Elegant Angel. DVD.  Begins and ends with "an old
Shakespeare guy talking."


9. Porn star Eden Rae has done straight theater, including Hermia in A
Midsummer Night's Dream, 1992.

10. Actress Alessandra Ferri, a dancer in the BBC  R and J, also did
porn (she worked with Vanessa del Rio, among others).

11. Pornstar Jeannie Pepper is the stripper doing some of Lady Macbeth's
lines in the comedy High School High (dir. Hart Bochner, 1996).

12. In case, I didn't mention it earlier, there is a Vivid gay
compilation called Homeo and Julius (Vivid, 1999, 240 mins) and a
bi-sexual feature directed by Karen Dior called To Bi or Not to Bi
(2003).  Starring: Lady Dee, C.J. Bennett, Tina Tyler, Jack Hammer, Dirk
Adams, Marshall O'Boy,
Vincent C. Rimbaud, and Danny Chance    Bi Now Productions.

13. AVN Insider --question about Hotel O.

"The trivia question is read: "What recent film featuring India was
based on one of Shakespeare's plays?" Good question, which is to say I
have no clue. . . . . A minute after the show ends, somebody says that
the Shakespeare adaptation featuring India was Video Team's Hotel O. I
reviewed that. Oops."

Story by Tod Hunter


14. Mark Rylance-had an actress performing as Lady Macbeth pee on stage;
gets a blow job in the uncensored cut of Patrice Chereau's Intimacy.
Kerry Fox, a well known British actress, goes down on Rylance.

Rylance won his laurels at the RSC in the Eighties, where he was
acclaimed as one of the greatest stage actors of his generation, but
when he was first appointed at the Globe, he was in the middle of his
now infamous Hari Krishna-inspired Macbeth at the Greenwich Theatre.
Rylance's production - which included robed actors in sandals speaking
with American accents and Jane Horrocks's Lady Macbeth peeing on stage
during the sleepwalking scene - aroused such critical opprobrium that it
threatened to make his new role untenable. 'The Globe is already in
trouble. If Rylance offers work like this, we can look forward to a
fiasco of monumental proportions,' stormed the Daily Telegraph, while
the Times critic made the pledge to eat the First Folio complete if the
next decade produced a more ill-conceived version.


British film crosses new sex frontier Viewers' groups attack 18 rating
for screen version of Hanif Kureishi's Intimacy that depicts uncensored
oral sex, reports John Arlidge. Sunday April 22, 2001  The Observer "The
most sexually explicit British film, featuring the first uncensored
scenes of oral sex, will go on show in cinemas next month."


15. ACTION (SODOM 2000) (1979) Directed by Tinto Brass. "Jarring and
wild! Italian erotic film auteur Brass returns to his artsy roots in
this non-stop barrage of nudity, madness, sex, violence and way too many
surreal visuals to mention- things like a row of men with penises for
noses standing opposite a row of women with vaginas for mouths, or an
incredibly dressed gang of predatory sex-punks in a demolished
landscape. What story there is concerns a beautiful actress on the run
who thinks she's Ophelia, and an old bum who thinks he's Garibaldi.
Starring Luc Merenda, Adriana Asti, Susanna Javicoli, and Paola
Senatore. Widescreen. Italian Only."

16.  "Skin" (Drama): A modenized version of the classic story of "Romeo
and Juliet" set against the backdrop of the adult-film industry.

Ron Silver will star as a Los Angeles adult film impresario. Jerry
Bruckheimer is producing. Network - Fox


("Thieves") team to bring you a riveting new drama about a world you've
never seen.

SKIN is the story of two young lovers, desperate to be together, but who
have two warring families who will do anything to keep them apart, and
almost anything to destroy each other.

ADAM (D. J. COTRONA), a 17-year-old Latino from east L.A., meets JEWEL
(OLIVIA WILDE), 16, a wealthy, beautiful Westside girl, at a party. They
fall for each other, passionately, purely, and completely, before they
realize that their parents are at "war." Adam's Latina mother LAURA
(RACHEL TICOTIN), a judge, and Anglo father MICHAEL (KEVIN ANDERSON,
"Nothing Sacred"), the Los Angeles District Attorney, are prominent
members of the city's judicial system. And, at the moment, Michael
happens to be investigating and prosecuting Jewel's father, LARRY (RON
SILVER, "Ali," "The West Wing," "Festival in Cannes"), the most
successful producer of adult entertainment in L.A.

SKIN is about sex and race. SKIN is about politics. And most of all SKIN
is about skin: complexion, beauty, desire, attraction, obsession, and
prejudice in contemporary Los Angeles. SKIN is shot through with black
comedy, passion, white-collar crime, scandal, naked ambition, and
action.  But at heart, it's a story of forbidden love.

RUSSELL MULCAHY ("Queer as Folk," "1st to Die") directs SKIN, from
Warner Bros. Television, Jerry Bruckheimer Productions, and Hoosier
Karma Productions.


"Fox vows porn show isn't just skin deep "  May 16, 2003


NEW YORK--Leave it to Fox, the once and future network of that paragon
of chastity and honesty, "Joe Millionaire," to dangle the titillating
notion that "Skin," its sudsy take on "Romeo and Juliet," will have the
families of these star-crossed teens split over the issue of

Don't get your hopes, dander or anything else up just yet, however.

There doesn't look to be a lot of skin in "Skin." One family's fortune
is built on adult entertainment and the other's political fortune is
rooted in bringing that empire down. The title is a metaphor, as much as

"It resonates on a bunch of levels," Fox entertainment president Gail
Berman told reporters Thursday before trotting out her network's 2003-04
schedule for advertisers at a midtown theater. "One obviously is the
adult entertainment industry. Another level is race. [It stands] for a
lot of the themes and issues that are dealt with in the show.

"We're a broadcast network. We know that. We're not going to have this
show live in that world [of adult films]. This show lives in the world
that I feel comfortable in, which is: character, character, character."


Produced by Jerry Bruckheimer and boasting a large cast that includes
Ron Silver, Kevin Anderson and Rachel Ticotin, "Skin" is set to follow
the second incarnation of "Joe Millionaire" this fall on Fox, which is
adding three new dramas, four new comedies and a kiddie version of
"American Idol" to hold a space on its schedule for the return of the
top-rated grown-up version in January.

Fox's presentation followed a similar spiel at the Madison Square Garden
complex by UPN, which unveiled a more-polished-than-usual crop of four
new comedies and a drama.

UPN showed the gate to its revival of "The Twilight Zone" and the
promising but little-watched hip-hop soap "Platinum." Fox cut loose
"Fastlane," " John Doe" and "Andy Richter Controls the Universe."

Both networks are pushing comedy hard. UPN is effectively doubling the
number of sitcoms on its schedule and branching out beyond the
African-American niche it has cornered on Monday nights. Fox plans to
have a dozen comedies on the air, the most of any network, and is
branching out itself by building two of those shows around Hispanics.

"Luis" stars character actor Luis Guzman as a loud, outspoken doughnut
shop owner in Spanish Harlem. "The Ortegas," originally developed for
NBC but not picked up, is a part-scripted, part-improvised show about a
young comedian whose family helps him stage a talk show with real
celebrities in the backyard.

It is not, Berman and Fox czar Sandy Grushow insisted, even remotely
based on Valparaiso cable host Michael Essany, whose local-access
living-room talk show went national earlier this year on E! "Michael
Essany did not have anything to do with it and was not the inspiration
of it," Berman said, insisting the show was based on the BBC hit "The
Kumars of No. 42."

Fans of "24" will see the seedlings of next season's 24-hour crisis in
Tuesday's second season finale, according to Berman. But because the
ending is secret and many characters may be imperiled, she would only
confirm that Kiefer Sutherland will return as agent Jack Bauer.

UPN, meanwhile, has put together its most promising schedule in memory
in its first full development season under UPN boss Dawn Ostroff and the
supervision of CBS overlord Leslie Moonves.

Rapper Eve joins UPN in a new addition to the Monday comedy block, "The
Opposite Sex," enabling a move of "One on One." It will launch a Tuesday
sitcom lineup that includes "All of Us" (based loosely on the marriage
and parenting of executive producers Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith),
"Rock Me Baby" (about a radio shock jock learning to be a dad) and "The
Mullets" (which Ostroff described as "Dumb and Dumber" only dumber).

UPN's sole drama is "Jake 2.0" about a computer geek who is accidentally
given "6 Million Dollar Man"-type superpowers.

The UPN and Fox announcements bring to a close a draining four days of
presentations by the networks, trying to peddle as much as $9 billion in
advertising in advance of the fall TV season. The whole process is hit
or miss and, when it comes to Fox, it's sometimes just plain missing.

Fox has a habit of introducing new series to prospective sponsors that
vanish before ever airing. "Rewind," "Hollyweird," "Manchester Prep,"
"Schimmel" and "The Grubbs" all were riding high in May, touted as
potential hits, only to be shot down before seeing the light of day.

This year, for a change, the big mysteries revolve around shows that are
definitely returning. Berman and Grushow wouldn't spill any details
concerning "Joe Millionaire 2," which hasn't been shot yet, or whether
the returning "American Idol" will include the judge who made it worth
watching in its first two runs, Simon Cowell.

Cowell made a brief appearance during Fox's presentation, mainly to rip
Berman's presentation. But nothing was said about his status with the
show after Wednesday's season finale.

"Certainly we are hopeful that all three of them will be back," Berman
told me. "Two out of the three are under contract. Simon has expressed
an interest to return and we are currently in negotiations, and I
believe you will see all three judges come January."

Don't get your hopes, dander or anything else up just yet.


Addendum to Bardcore Films

In Jail Babes #3, Gloria Mann, the third actress to appear, cites much
of Kate's last speech from The Taming of the Shrew.  She claims to have
an MFA and to be a member of SAG.

Addendum II on bardcore-related films

Brockton O'Toole, the character who begins and ends Sodomania 33:
Strange Days, mentions A Midsummer Night's Dream in the prologue and
recites part of "Tomorrow, tomorrow, and tomorrow" in the epilogue.

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