The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 15.0404  Thursday, 12 February 2004

From:           Mike Jensen <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Wednesday, 11 Feb 2004 17:02:16 -0800
Subject:        Shakespeare Newsletter (Fall 2003, volume 53:3)

The 258th issue of *The Shakespeare Newsletter* (Fall 2003, volume 53:3)
has news, articles, reviews, and features that will be of interest to
members of SHAKSPER.

Cover Stories:
Sharing the cover are an article and a review. Penny Gay and Kate
Flaherty consider Australia's Bell Shakespeare Company, discussing their
work with a behind the scenes look at their 2003 production of *As You
Like It.* Alan H. Nelson's *Monstrous Adversary: The Life of Edward De
Vere, 17th Earl of Oxford* is reviewed. It is an important book in its
own right, and the review will be of particular interest to those
thinking about authorship.

"Celebrating a Milestone: Hamlet Studies" by Robert F. Fleissner looks
at the twenty-five year history of this recently suspended journal, the
only one ever devoted to a single Shakespeare play. SNL Co-Editor John
Mahon appends his own appreciation.

In "The 'First Critic' Debate," Jeffrey Kahan reviews the response to
Stanley Wells's revelation of an apparent early modern document that
discusses *Richard II,* finding possible parallels with some of Malone's
Shakespearean discoveries. This includes a review of the discussion here

Michael P. Jensen's "Finding Shakespeare: Brian Vickers vs. the
Attributers" examines Vickers, Gary Taylor, Donald Foster, and other
attribution controversies of the past several years, to understand how
the process of canonical deliberation and debate was circumvented.
SHAKSPER played an important part in this, so its dynamics are examined.

Book Reviews:
*The Teaching Legacy of O. B. Hardison, Jr.* by Dennis F. Brestensky
*Shakespeare at the Cineplex: The Kenneth Branagh Era* by Samuel Crowl
*The Devil and the Sacred in English Drama, 1305-1642* by John D. Cox
*Our Moonlight Revels: "A Midsummer Night's Dream 

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