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From:           Graham Bradshaw <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Thursday, 16 Dec 2004 10:15:56 +0900
Subject:        Shakespearean International Yearbook

It occurs to me (rather late) that some in SHAKSPER may not yet know
about the Shakespearean International Yearbook, which is published by
Ashgate. It was founded by W.R. Elton. Here are the contents of Vol. 3
(2003), and Vol.4 (2004).

VOL 3, edited by Graham Bradshaw, John M. Mucciolo, Angus Fletcher and
Tom Bishop

Introduction by SIR FRANK KERMODE

Part I: Religion, Race and Ethnicity
1  TOM BISHOP             Shakespeare and Religion
2  ANIA LOOMBA            Shakespeare and the Racial Question
3  SHAUL BASSI            Country Dispositions: Ethnic Fallacies in
Shakespeare Criticism

Part II: Issues and Controversies
4  ROBIN HEADLAM WELLS    'Twelfth Night', Puritanism and the Myth of
Gender Anxiety
5  EDWARD PECHTER         Literary and Cultural Texts: Why Shakespeare
Studies should not be Peaceful
6  DAVID HOLBROOK         Dark Shakespeare

Part III: Perspectives on Plays
7  HARRY BERGER, JR        Harrying the Stage: 'Henry V' in the
Tetralogical Echo Chamber
8  TOM McALINDON           Natural Closure in 'Henry V'
9  KEVIN PASK              Engrossing Imagination: 'A Midsummer Night's
10 LISA HOPKINS            Dreamtime: 'A Midsummer Night's Dream' and
the Classical Past

Part IV: Theatrical and Textual Practices
11 MARIKO ICHIKAWA        'Standing Aloof' on the Shakespearean Stage:
What 'Enter' and 'Exit'/'Exeunt' could have meant
12 BERNICE W. KLIMAN        John Hughes and Shakespeare: The
Eighteenth-Century Poet and the Construction of Knowledge

Part V: Renaissance Ideas, Categories and Commonplaces
13 NEIL RHODES             Shakespeare's Computer: Commonplaces/Databases
14 JOHN LEE                Unreasonable Men? Categories and Metaphor in
Shakespeare and Montaigne
15 ANGUS FLETCHER          The Graver Strife: Shakespeare Against Nature

Part VI: Translation and Adaptation
16 JEAN-MICHEL DEPRATS     Suit the Action to the Word, the Word to the
Action': Translating Shakespeare for the Stage
17 TETSUO KISHI            'Verse or prose, that is not the question':
Translating Shakespeare into Japanese
18 GRAHAM BRADSHAW         Metaferocities: Representation in 'Othello'
and 'Otello'

VOL 4, edited by Graham Bradshaw and Tom Bishop, with Mark Turner as
Guest Editor

Part I: Special Section. edited by Mark Turner: Shakespeare in the Age
of Cognitive Science
1  MARY THOMAS CRANE      The Physics of 'King Lear': Cognition in a Void
2   EVE SWEETSER          'The suburbs of your good pleasure':
Cognition, Culture and the Bases of Metaphoric Structure
3   DONALD FREEMAN        Othello and the "Ocular Proof'
4  MARK TURNER            The Ghost of Anyone's Father
5  GRAHAM BRADSHAW        Precious Nonsense and the 'Conduit' Metaphor
6  PER AAGE BRANDT        Metaphors and Meaning in Shakespeare's Sonnet 73

Part II: New Hamlets
7  BERNICE W. KLIMAN      A Plan for www.hamletworks.org: An Offshoot of
the New Variorum 'Hamlet' Project
8  ALEXANDER LEGGATT      Urban Poetry in the Almareyda 'Hamlet'
9  JOHN BELL              'Hamlet': A Rehearsal Diary

Part III:  Popular Shakespeares
10 TOM BISHOP            'Companions notable and most known':
Shakespeare and the General Reader
11 SUSAN VIGUERS        'King Lear' as a Book: A Visual/Verbal Production

Part IV: Perspectives on Plays
12 HARRY BERGER, JR        Three's a Company: The Spectre of
Contaminated Intimacy in 'Othello'
13 LARS ENGLE            Shakespearean Normativity in 'All's Well That
Ends Well'
14 ATSUHIKO HIROTA        Forms of Empires: Rome and its Peripheries in
15 ROBIN HEADLAM WELLS     Value Pluralism in 'The Merchant of Venice'
16 JOHN LEE                Twins and Doubles as an Aspect of
Shakespeare's Pluralism

Part V: Review Essay
17 KATHERINE EISAMAN MAUS     Five Recent Books on Renaissance Subjectivity

In VOL. 5 Michael Neill is the Guest Editor of a Special Section on
'Shakespeare and the Bonds of Service'. Details on this volume will
follow soon.

Best wishes to all,
Graham Bradshaw

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