The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 15.1342  Thursday, 24 June 2004

From:           Michele Marrapodi <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Thursday, 24 Jun 2004 13:34:16 +0200
Subject:        M.A. Course in Anglo-Italian Renaissance Studies (Palermo, Italy)

The Faculty of Arts of the University of Palermo is instituting a
one-year M.A. course on the theme

"Anglo-Italian Renaissance Studies: Cultural and Literary Relations
between Italy and England in the Renaissance"

1. Aims of the Course

The purpose of this M.A. course is to provide postgraduate studies not
only for young scholars and researchers but also for the specialization
of professionals working in the relevant subject areas (graduates and
teachers of English and Italian literature, theatre critics, and workers
in various sectors of the theatre, including directors and stage
designers). It is also aimed at young scholars and researchers who need
specific knowledge to work in interdisciplinary and comparative studies
of the literature and drama of the sixteenth century in Europe, paying
particular attention to the literary and cultural relations between
Italy and England in the Renaissance.

The syllabus will vary from year to year, in accordance with academic
interests and local, national, and international collaborations.

Apart from an in-depth professional preparation in language and literary
criticism, with a full grounding in the most advanced issues in academic
research, the M.A. course in Anglo-Italian Renaissance Studies will
offer participants specific cultural and methodological knowledge for
use in the teaching of English (and Italian) language and literature at
school and university levels, work in the fields of literary and theatre
criticism, and a specialization in comparative literature and

2. Teaching

For the academic year 2004-2005, the M.A. course will deal with the
following thematic and disciplinary areas relating to the literature of
the two countries within a comparative context:

- Poetry, Poetics, and Renaissance Theories of Literary Genres;

- The "Novella" in Italy and England between the Reformation and the

- Italian Theatre of the sixteenth century: From new comedy and tragedy
to "commedia erudita" and tragicomedy;

- Conduct Books in Italy and England: The fortunes of Castiglione, Della
Casa, and Guazzo;

- The Theatre of Shakespeare and the Elizabethan-Jacobean period:
Textuality and intertextuality, political contexts and ideological

The themes of the course will be developed through lessons and seminars
by the course coordinator or by the teachers responsible for specific
disciplines, including the involvement of scholars and experts of
international prestige from other universities (Italian and foreign)
invited by the coordinator on the indication of the course organization

3. Prerequisites

For admission to the course, applicants are expected to have one of the
following degrees:

Four-year degree in foreign languages and literatures (with at least a
three-year specialization in English Language and Literature);
Three-year degree in Modern Languages (with a major in English Literature);
Four-year degree in Modern Italian Literature;
Three-year degree in Modern Italian Literature;
Four-year degree in Drama;
Three-year degree in Drama.

Applicants without a degree in foreign languages and literatures (with
at least a three-year specialization in English Language and
Literature), will have to pass an admission examination to demonstrate a
sufficient knowledge of English to understand the lessons and to read
original texts.

For further information about the M.A. course and application
procedures, contact the course coordinator:

Prof. Michele Marrapodi

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