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From:           Al Magary <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Wednesday, 26 Jan 2005 02:30:47 -0800
Subject:        "Palace of Pleasure" and Some Other Books Online from Toronto

The University of Toronto is rapidly putting useful and/or interesting
works online, via its Kirtas highspeed scanner and the capacious servers
at Internet Archive (San Francisco). The collection is at the moment
heavy on bibliographic material (eg, M.R. James, _A descriptive
catalogue of the manuscripts in the Library of St. John's College,
Cambridge_; and C.J.H. Davenport, _English Embroidered Bookbindings_)
and Ontario curriculum manuals, but also includes some extraordinary
gems from shelves of Victoria College's Centre for Reformation and
Renaissance Studies (CRRS). I previously posted items about online
access to the Records of Early English Drama (REED) series and Arber's
_Transcript of the Registers of the Company of Stationers of London;

The gateway is http://www.archive.org/details/toronto, where you can do
author/title/keyword searches or click to browse the collection.
Bibliographic information is, typically for etexts, poor.

A few new items, in brief, follow, in some vague order; some details of
contents were appropriated from OCLC WorldCat entries. As previously
described, these download as DjVu facsimiles (like PDFs), using either
the DjVu browser plugin from Lizardtech (you can acquire the plugin at
any of the individual book gateways below). I recommend downloading DjVu
files, then using your browser's File/Open to view the pages.

Anyone who has any difficulties with this collection or DjVu, please
contact me offlist and I'll try to help.

Painter, William (1540?-1594), trans. _The Palace of Pleasure:
ElizabethanVersions of Italian and French Novels from Boccaccio,
Bandello, Cinthio, Straparola, Queen Margaret of Navarre, and Others_.
Ed. Joseph Jacobs. 3 vols. London, 1890. (At the moment only vols. 2 and
3 are available at IA.)
http://www.archive.org/details/palaceofpleasure02painuoft and

This is a great collection of sources originally published in 2 vols. in
London, 1566-67, and subsequently mined by many Elizabethan writers
including WS. Painter assembled 101 tales, mostly from Italian but also
French, Latin, and Greek--eg, Giletta of Narbonne, Romeo and Julietta,
Coriolanus, Appius and Virgini, The Duchess of Malfy, A Lady of Bohemia,
Ansaldo and Dianora, Alexander de Medici and the Miller's Daughter,
Sophonisba, A Doctor of the Laws.

Available at IA are DjVu files--page images from the 1890 edition--and
accompanying plaintext files, which are amusingly corrupt: "Thus I fay,
beeaufe a woman being as it were the Imageof fweetneffe, eurtefie and
fhamefaftneffe, fo foone as fheIieppeth out of the right tra&, and
abandoneth the f, veete fmelof hir duety and modefty, befides the
denigration of hir honour,thrurieth her felfe into infinite Troubles,
eaufeth ruine of futch vhych fhould bee honoured and prayfed, if
X.Vomens Allure- mentes folicited theym not to Follv." (from The
Duchesse of Malfi)

Scott, Mary Augusta. _Elizabethan Translations from the Italian_. Boston
& NY, 1916. (OCLC entry note: A revision of four studies published in
the PMLA, 1895-99. "The revison brings together ... 394 Elizabethan
translations from the Italian, together with 72 Italian and Latin
publications in England.")

Palmer, R. Henrietta. _List of English Editions and Translations of
Greek and Latin Classics Printed Before 1641_. London, 1911.

Bond, R. Warwick, ed. _Early Plays from the Italian_. Oxford, 1911.

Contents: Essay on the relation of these plays to Latin and Italian
comedy and the Dutch education drama.--Supposes [by G. Gascoigne]--The
buggbears [by J. Jeffere?]--Misogonus.--Notes.--Glossary.--Index.

_The Works of Francis Beaumont and John Fletcher_. Ed. P.A. Daniel and
A.H. Bullen. 10 vols. 1904-12. (At IA search on "Beaumont" for
availability, currently vols. 1-4 of this variorum ed.)

Contents: v. 1. The maid's tragedy. Philaster. A king, and no king. The
scornful lady. The custom of the country -- v. 2. The elder brother. The
Spanish curate. Wit without money. Beggars bush. The humourous
lieutenant --v. 3. The faithful shepherdess. The mad lover. The loyal
subject. Rule a wife, and have a wife. The laws of Candy -- v. 4. The
false one. The little French lawyer. Valentinian. Monsieur Thomas. The
chances. v. 5. A wife for a month. The lovers progress. The pilgrim. The
captain. The prophetess -- v. 6. The queen of Corinth. Bonduca. The
knight of the burning pestle. Lovers pilgrimage. The double marriage --
v. 7. The maid in the mill. The knight of Malta. Loves cure, or The
martial maid. Women pleas'd. The night-walker, or The little thief -- v.
8. The woman's prize. The island princess. The noble gentleman. The
coronation. The coxcomb -- v. 9. The sea-voyage. Wit at several weapons.
The fair maid of the inn. Cupid's revenge. The two noble kinsmen -- v.
10. Thierry and Theodoret. The woman-hater. Nice valour. The honest
man's fortune. The masque of the gentlemen of Grays-Inne and the
Inner-Temple. Four plays, or moral representations in one.

Lyly, John (1564?-1606). _Complete Works, now for the first time
collected and edited from the earliest quartos with life, bibliography,
essays, notes, and index_. Ed. R. Warwick Bond. 3 vols. Oxford, 1902.
(At the moment only vols. 1 and 2 are available.)
http://www.archive.org/details/johnlylyworks01bonduoft and

Contents: I. Life ; Euphues ; The anatomy of wyt ; Entertainments -- II.
Euphues and his England ; The plays -- III. The plays (cont.) ;
Anti-Martinist work ; Poems ; Glossary and general index.

Drayton, Michael (1563-1631). The Minor Poems of Michael Drayton. Ed.
Cyril Brett. Oxford, 1907.

England, George, and A.W. Pollard, eds. _The Towneley Plays_. London
(EETS), 1897. http://www.archive.org/details/towneleyplays00engluoft

Kemp, William (fl. 1600). _Kemp's Nine days wonder. Tarlton's jests,
with A pretty new ballad, entitled The crow sits upon the wall_. NY,
1962. (Facsimile of London, 1592 ed.; intro by J.P. Feather.)

-----. _Kemps nine daies wonder: performed in a daunce from London to
Norwich_. Ed. Alexander Dyce. London (Camden Soc.), 1840.

Barclay, Alexander (1475?-1552), trans. _The Ship of Fools_. Edinburgh,
1874. (Orig. pub. 1509; trans. of Brant's Narrenschiff into English
verse.) http://www.archive.org/details/theshipoffools01barcuoft

Awdelay, John (fl. 1559-1577) and Thomas Harman (fl. 1567). _The Rogues
and Vagabonds of Shakespeare's Youth: Awdeley's 'Fraternitye of
Vacabondes' [1575] and Harman's 'Caveat' [3rd ed., 1567]_. Ed. Edward
Viles and F.J. Furnivall. London, 1907. (Orig. pub. for EETS, 1869; also
includes The
Groundworke of Conny-Catching, 1592.)

Knutsson, Bengt, Bishop (fl. 1461). _A litil boke the whiche traytied
and reherced many gode thinges necessaries for the pestilence..._
Manchester, 1910. ( Facsimile of 1485 book, from copy in John Rylands
Library, Manchester; first book written in English about preventing
disease; intro by Guthrie Vine.)

Pollard, A.W. _Fifteenth Century Prose and Verse_. London, 1903.

Contents: The siege of Harfieur and the Battle of Agincourt, by J.
Lydgate [?]--The letter of Cupid, by T. Occleve.--A little geste of
Robin Hood and his meiny and of the proud sheriff of
Nottingham.--English carols, from a manuscript at Balliot College,
Oxford.--The examination of Master William Thorpe. priest, of heresay,
before Thomas Arundell, Abp. of Canterbury. 1407.--The examination of
Sir John Oldcastle.--On translating the Bible: chapter xv of the
prologue to the second recension of the Wyclimre version.--Dialogue
between a lord and a clerk upon translation, by J. Trevisa.--Prefaces
and epilogues, by W. Caxton.--A miracle play of the nativity: The
pageant of the shearmen and tailors.--Everyman: a moral play.--Pleadings
in Rastell v. Walton. a theatrical lawsuit. temp. Henry viii.

Lee, Sidney, Sir, and Thomas Seccombe, ed. _Elizabethan Sonnets, newly
arranged and indexed_. 2 vols. London, 1904. (Reprinted from Edward
Arber, ed., English Garner, 8 vols., 1877-90, a few vols. of which are
at IA in the Million Book Project collection.)
http://www.archive.org/details/elizabethansonnets01leeuoft and

Contents: I. Prefatory note. Introduction. Syr P S His Astrophel and
Stella. Sundry other rare sonnets of divers noble men and gentlemen,
1591. Sir Philip Sidney. Sonnets and poetical translations, 1598. Thomas
Watson. The tears of fancie. 1593. Barnabe Barnes. Parthenophil and
Parthenophe. 1593--II. Thomas Lodge. Phillis honoured with pastorall
sonnets ... 1593. Giles Fletcher, LL. D. Licia ... 1593. Henry Constable
and others. Diana ... 1584 Samuel Daniel. Delia. (1594) William Percy.
Sonnets to the fairest Coelia. 1594. Anonymous. Zepheria. 1594. Michael
Drayton. Idea. 1594-1619. Edmund Spenser. Amoretti and epithalamion.
1595. Bartholomew Griffin. Fidessa, more chaste than kind. 1596. R L
Diella. 1596. William Smith. Chloris. 1596. R T Laura ... 1597.

Bullen, A.H., and Thomas Seccombe, ed. _Some Longer Elizabethan Poems_.
London, 1903. (Reprinted from Edward Arber, ed., English Garner, 8
vols., 1877-90, a few vols. of which are at IA in the Million Book
Project collection.) http://www.archive.org/details/longerpoems00bulluoft

Contents: Davies, Sir John. Orchestra, 1596. Nosce teipsum, 1599. Hymns
of Astrfa, 1599.--Six idillia ... or Fglogues of Theocritus tr. into
English verse (annon.) 1588.--Barnfield, R. The affectionate shepheard.
1594. Cynthia. 1595. The encomion of Lady Pecunia. 1598. The complaint
of poetrie for the death of liberalitie, 1598. The combat, betweene
conscience and covetousnesse in the minde of man, 1598. Poems: in divers
humors, 1598.--Astrophel ... A group of elegies by Spenser and other
hands. 1595.--C.J. Alcilia, 1595.--Scoloker, A. Daiphantus,
1604.--Drayton, M. Odes.

Clark, Andrew, ed. _The Shirburn Ballads, 1585-1616_. Oxford, 1907.
(Contains music. From MS 119 D 44 in the Earl of Macclesfield's library
at Shirburn Castle, Oxfordshire; with supplementary ballads from
Rawlinson MS Poet. 185 in the Bodleian, pp. 334-364.)

Hindley, Charles, ed. _The Roxburghe Ballads_. 2 vols. London, 1873-74.
(OCLC entry note: Broadside ballads printed chiefly between 1560-1700,
and originally collected by Robert Harley; augmented by subsequent
owners, including John, Duke of Roxburghe for whom the collection is
named. Without music; most of the tunes are indicated by title.) (Note:
at the moment only vol. 1 is available.)

Isham, Charles Edmund, Sir, ed. _A Lamport garland from the library of
Sir Charles Edmund Isham, bart.; comprising four unique works hitherto
unknown_. London (Roxburghe Club),

Contents: Emaricdulfe [sonnets], by E.C. 1595.--Celestiall elegies, by
Thomas Rogers [in honor of Frances, countess of Hertford].
1598.--Vertues due by T.P. [i.e. Thomas Powell, in honor of Catherine
Howard, countess of Nottingham]. 1603.--A commemoration on Sir
Christopher Hatton, by John Phillips. 1591.

Bacon, Francis (1561-1626). _The essays or counsels, civil and moral, of
Francis Bacon_. Oxford, 1890.

_The English Hymnal_. Oxford, 1906. (Companion to the Book of Common
Prayer.) http://www.archive.org/details/theenglishhymnal00milfuoft

Hazlitt, William Carew. _Bibliographical Collections and Notes,
1474-1700_. 1892. http://www.archive.org/details/biboldenglishlit00hazluoft

-----. _Handbook to the Popular, Poetical and Dramatic Literature of
Great Britain, from the Invention of Printing to the Restoration_.
London, 1867. http://www.archive.org/details/biographicalnote00hazluoftBi

Day, Lewis Foreman, et al. _Penmanship of the XVI, XVII & XVIIIth
Centuries: A Series of Typical Examples from English and Foreign Writing
Books_. London, 1911. (100 plates.)

Blacman [or Blakman], John (fl. 15th c.). _Henry the Sixth: A Reprint of
John Blacman's Memoir_. Trans. M.R. James. Cambridge, 1919. (Orig. pub.
1523; Latin text plus English trans.; designed by Bruce Rogers.)

Aikin, Lucy (1781-1864). _Memoirs of the Court of Queen Elizabeth_. 2
vols. 2nd ed. London, 1818.
http://www.archive.org/details/memoirscourt01aikeuoft and

Fletcher, C.R.L. _Historical Portraits: Richard II to Henry Wriothesley,
1400-1600_. Oxford, 1909.

Lee, Sidney, Sir. _The French Renaissance in England: an account of the
literary relations of England and France in the sixteenth century_. NY,
1910. http://www.archive.org/details/frenchrennaisngland00leeuoft

Wilson, John Dover. _John Lyly_. Cambridge, 1905.

Al Magary

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