The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 16.0764  Friday, 22 April 2005

From:           Syd Kasten <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date:           Friday, 22 Apr 2005 14:14:49 +0200
Subject: 16.0713 Ukrainian and English in Latvia
Comment:        Re: SHK 16.0713 Ukrainian and English in Latvia

 >I am distressed that Syd Kasten should think that I intended to be
 >disrespectful to John Velz, whom I admire this side of idolatry.

 >I must also take umbrage at the suggestion at the end of Syd's post that
 >I aspire to be a junior varsity T. Hawkes:  --

I should feel gratified to read that Larry Weiss was distressed by my
note because that, of course, was my intention. Unfortunately, it seems
that he he missed my point.  I certainly missed the purely didactic
purpose of his response to John Velz's letter.   While granting his
grasp of Modern History and of Cosmology, I will try in simple terms to
explain the anger that caused me chiastically to twice "diss" Weiss .

First of all I apologize to John Velz for dragging his name through this
thread.  In saying that he least deserved the sarcastic treatment I
meant to imply that no one did.  So I will take names out of my
description of the events in this thread, and start with "A", a list
member in trouble broadcasting a plea for help.

List member "B" thought the basis of A's plight might seem fantastic and
even paranoid posted a third hand corroboration of the social setting of
the problem.

List member "C" added a first hand report by an associate of his "D"
supporting both B and A.

List member "E" found it necessary to comment on a seeming inaccuracy in
C'S report of D's vignette.  This comment had nothing to do with the thread.

What its thrust was meant to be is obscure, but the first thought coming to
mind is

  i- a comment on C's wooly thinking in accepting D's story, or

ii - C's fabricating or confabulating details, or

iii - D wishing to hide some truth in his past.

Had E left it at that the matter might have passed without comment.  But
E found it necessary to gratuitously seize on a subsequent adverb phrase
in D's account to give a twist in what was now clearly a riposte,
bringing us back to "i".

Now, I may be thin-skinned.  When someone uses capitals in his post, not
necessarily to me, the visual signal somehow finds its way from my
retina to somewhere in my auditory cortex and I hear a shouted message.

Similarly, when I see in print someone engaged in gratuitous
one-upmanship, point making in the sense of winning a game, or putdowns,
a feel it somewhere between my diaphragm and my navel ("taboor" in
modern Hebrew - "shorer" in the Song of Songs) even though in some sense
the person on the receiving end might need a call to order, more so if
the receiver is not even in the game and has been blindsided.

If a list member has her slip showing why not tell her  in private.

With regard to T. Hawkes: I know him only from this list; his politics
and mine probably differ,as do, almost certaily,  our attitudes to many
life and death matters.  I certainly don't idolize him on this side or
that.  In fact, I give him the respect due him, no more and no less.
His credentials as a scholar don't need my defence.  He has often been
helpful and forthcoming to list members. His wit, although sometimes
scathing, is so finely honed that I sometimes have trouble deciding
whether he means it or not.   Be assured, in mentioning Weiss's name in
the same paragraph as Hawkes' I was definitely paying him a compliment.

And finally re: Ilone Goldmane who was the real focus of this thread,
our editor published this request for comments about a year ago:

Ilona Goldmane, a Ph.D. student at University of Latvia, seeks comments
on two articles that constitute part of her thesis:

"Lifelong Learning via Different Receptive Channels"

Best wishes,
Syd Kasten

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