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Subject: 	Former Soldier Cites H5


All in the Family
Returning soldiers and their spouses, parents, and children are the 
backbone of the antiwar movement spreading today in the United States. 
And they're speaking louder than ever.

By Nan Levinson  |  November 13, 2005

Much as Iraq vets may have appreciated the hate-the-war-love-the-warrior 
stance of this new antiwar movement, now that they have returned to 
civilian life, some are eager to speak for themselves. At 25, Joseph 
Turcotte of Derry, New Hampshire, is that state's youngest member of 
Veterans for Peace and also one of a handful of IVAW members in New 
England. . . .

Turcotte is a reader - the bedroom of his tiny apartment is dominated by 
a bursting bookcase - and his reading had made him skeptical about the 
need for war, he says. Still, he echoes other soldiers as he explains, 
"When you're out there, the only thing relevant is staying alive and 
making sure everyone comes home." Turcotte has thought hard about what 
he and his fellow soldiers do. "`Every subject's duty is the King's, but 
every subject's soul is his own,' " he quotes from Henry V. "I don't 
blame the individual soldiers. As far as they can't control where they 
are, I think that their souls are safe. But for the men who sent them, I 
think they're finding out that there's going to be hell to pay for it."

Courtesy of Scott Newstock.

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