The Shakespeare Conference: SHK 16.1701  Thursday, 6 October 2005

From: 		Jane Ennis <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.>
Date: 		Wednesday, 5 Oct 2005 18:00:42 +0100 (BST)
Subject: 	Re: Italian Translations of Shakespeare

 >Marmite (MARmight) is a dark-brown salty goo made from (chiefly) yeast
 >extract and spices. It is spread very thinly indeed (scraped, really) on
 >buttered toast, as a snack. One can also use it to flavour stews and
 >suchlike. It has an Australian cousin, Vegemite, which to me tastes very
 >similar. Both are revolting unless used very sparingly, but much enjoyed
 >by many in the UK and the former colonies.

To all colleagues who have answered this question....

Much as I love Marmite (AND vegemite)....I REALLY need to know about 
Italian translations of Shakespeare, sorry!! I was very disappointed 
when I went to this heading and discovered a discussion of Marmite. Yes, 
I DO sometimes have toast and Marmite for breakfast, but I eat it while 
I am doing (or trying to do) my research on Italian translations of 
Shakespeare. So please, could you change the subject heading??!!!


'Mar-might' is a concentrated beef extract.

However....I will just say that it is NOT beef extract...that is BOVRIL. 
  Marmite is YEAST extract, therefore suitable for vegetarians. And yes, 
it's delicious...just doesn't help me with my research!!  (Esp. since 
you can't get Marmite in Italy!)

Jane Ennis

[Editor's Note: Professor Ennis raises an issue that I regularly face 
when I edit SHAKSPER digests: what to do when discussions move in an 
entirely different direction from the initial subject line. My unwritten 
policy is generally to go with the original subject line until the 
discussion runs its course. My reason has to do with how digests are 
indexed on the SHAKSPER website: 
http://www.shaksper.net/archives/2005/index.html. The Browse SHAKSPER 
section indexes digests by thread, date, and subject. Thread and subject 
list digests by the subject line. Often times a thread may go in two or 
more directions at the same time. Were I to separate every topic into 
individual topics, those following the development of the thread would 
have to look in more than one to find ever iteration of the discussion. 
This is the reason I generally stick with the same subject line.]

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